Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars Retrograde in Gemini,

When Mars is in Gemini, it will be retrograde between October 30, 2022 and January 12, 2023. Rather, Mars will remain in Gemini until March 26, 2023, occupying this area of the zodiac for an extremely long time.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022 — Intuitive Astrology

So let’s take a closer look at how the universe seems to be preparing us to deal with the energies of Mars while it is in Gemini.

Mars is the planet of strength and action

The planet of Mars is considered to be the planet of vigor, drive and action.

Ancient astrologers depicted Mars as the God of War, a valiant warrior who rode through the city in a chariot drawn by the horses Phobos (Fear) and Deminia (Terror).

Mars’ ability to spread panic and fear wherever he goes, but also to triumph over it, is one of the ways we can use Mars’ energy. In this sense, Mars can help us by showing us how to let our worries expand or contract.

Our anxieties can be allowed to drive us toward limits, obstacles and pettiness, as Mars did when he rode his horse-drawn chariot, or we can ride our fears with courage and confidence to live the life of our dreams and our ultimate purpose.

Mars, according to contemporary astrology, represents our libidinal drive, our masculine side, our selfish brain, our energy levels and our capacity for action.

Also, it represents our preoccupations. In addition, it rules our heads, which makes us overconfident or haughty and endows us with natural leadership ability.

Mars Retrograde Cycle

Mars takes about two years to travel through the zodiac and, during that journey, retrograde once.

Retrogrades occur when a planet appears to be orbiting backward due to our point of view here on Earth.

In ancient times, when astrologers observed this in the sky, it was believed to be a sign that it was time to go back in time, reassess and reevaluate, especially as it relates to the planet’s energy.

With Mars retrograding the least of all the planets, because it occurs so rarely, this period increases the energy of Mars in our lives. This makes Mars retrograde a good time to:

  • Tackling how we are choosing to spend our energy
  • Regulate our energy levels
  • Assess the motivation behind our actions
  • Make peace with our masculine side/qualities
  • Check our passions and goals
  • Rewire our selfish brain
  • Attending to our sexual health

Emotions running high

A retrograde Mars motion can also cause exalted emotions and call into question our ability to lead or power struggles in our lives. Because Mars rules the head, it can sometimes exacerbate physical symptoms in this area, such as headaches.

Although there are many ways Mars retrograde can manifest for us, the fact that Mars is retrograding and spending so much time in Gemini is a clue as to how this energy can show up.

Retrograde Mars in Gemini

This sign of Gemini is the sign of twins. A twin is mortal, the other immortal, representing the balance between body and soul.

Our being is a soul, but we are also a body, here for a journey that should inspire these two sides of our being. Gemini rules are also about communication, our mental processes and our ability to connect with others.

The planet that rules it is Mercury, so there could well be a “Mercury retrograde flavor” in this 2022-2023 Mars retrograde energy.

As if that weren’t enough, Mercury will also be stationing retrograde during this Mars Retrograde period, December 29-January 18, 2023.

That s going to be a particularly slow time of very strong retrograde energy!

However, it helps to remember that this is the Universe’s way of slowing us down, getting our attention and making us reevaluate.

Difficulties with technology

It is possible that while Mars is retrograde in Gemini, we may have problems with technology, delays in travel or contracts, or find it more difficult to think or communicate clearly.

Insofar as Mars is the planet of action and energy, it tends to slow things down, making it difficult to take action and use our energy in the outside world. With Mars traveling “backward,” it’s almost as if we have to take a few steps backward and reevaluate before moving forward.

Also, we may find that our motivation has disappeared or the need to address where our motivations are coming from and if they are aligned with where we want to be.

Similarly to a Mercury retrograde, taking giant leaps during a Mars retrograde, or pushing forward into something new is likely to result in setbacks, missteps and the need to eventually go back over things anyway.

The Mars retrograde in Gemini

The motivations behind how we choose to express ourselves and communicate with others can also be highlighted. Are we doing things because we feel we have to or because they come from a place of true alignment?

Relationships with our ego can also be reviewed under this energy.

Necessarily we need our ego mind, as it is the voice of survival and allows us to navigate this physical world, but we may need to delve into any unhealthy habits or how our ego mind may be manipulating or misguiding us.

Through Gemini being able to activate our inner voice, we may notice more people speaking up, or we may find that we need to speak up and say what we feel.

Just the opposite may happen and we may find ourselves unable to share what we feel. Instead, we may feel the need to go within and come clean with ourselves, before we can share it with others.

Heavy Mars energy can make us nervous, triggering those fiery emotions, so it’s something to be aware of. If you notice yourself getting very irritable, come back to your center, see what’s underneath it all and listen to what your inner voice may be trying to communicate to you.

Communication with your inner world is going to be a strong antidote to whatever this Mars retrograde in Gemini energy is stirring up in your life.

Look before you jump

And lastly, Mars retrograde can lead us to look before we leap, so be very conscious of taking your time, pausing and avoiding rushing.

Mars retrograde has the potential to make us more accident-prone and as it is taking place in Gemini, we need to watch our hands and fingers, as these are the parts of the body that Gemini rules!

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