Kyphosis Biodescodification

Kyphosis Biodescodification,

Kyphosis (humpback) belongs to the third embryonic stage: movement and evaluation. It is a physiological curvature of the spine in the posterior region.

Kyphosis according to Biodescodification — Emotional Conflicts

  • Related conflict: forbidden to advance without obstacles.
  • Resentment: “I cannot be happy” (for example, my mother is ill).

Kyphosis according to Louise L. Hay

  • Possible cause: inability to cope with life. Fear and clinging to old ideas. Distrust of life, lack of integrity. Lack of courage in faith.
  • New thought pattern: I release all fears. I believe in the process of life. I know that life is in my favor. With love, I rise to my height.

The bent back

  • Possible reason: carries the burden of life. Helplessness and despair.
  • New thought pattern: I remain free and whole. I love and accept myself, my life is getting better every day.

LH-2 vertebra surgery

Surgery is necessary. It is excellent for healing broken bones and repairing accidents and conditions that cannot otherwise be repaired. In these conditions, it may be easier to undergo surgery and concentrate all the work on making sure the condition does not recur.

More and more medical professionals are truly dedicated to helping humanity. They are more and more doctors, who resort to holistic orientations and alternative treatments to cure diseases in people; most of them do not act on the cause of any disease; they just treat the symptoms and the effects.

They do it in two ways: contaminating or hurting. If you go to a surgeon, he will usually recommend surgery. However, if the decision has been made to have surgery, prepare for the experience so that it happens with as few complications as possible and heals as quickly as possible.

Ask your surgeon and his or her team to work with you on this. In the operating room, surgeons and their assistants often don’t realize that even though the patient is unconscious, they are unconsciously listening and understanding everything that is being said.

I know a woman who is a member of a New Age movement who needed an emergency operation and before the operation spoke to the surgeon and anesthesiologist asking them to play soft music during the operation.

She asked them to talk to her, with positive affirmations. She asked the nurse in the recovery room if she could do the same. The operation was successful and the recovery was quick and comfortable.

Positive phrases

I always ask my clients to form sentences such as: “every hand that touches me in the hospital is a hand that has the power to heal and represents nothing but love” and “the surgery is done easily and quickly, with perfect results”. You can also say: “I feel completely at ease all the time”.

After surgery, try to listen to soothing, relaxing music regularly and say to yourself: “I heal quickly, easily and perfectly and I feel better every day”.

If possible, record a series of positive affirmations in your voice, take the recording to the hospital and listen to it over and over again as you rest and recover. Pay attention to the feeling, not the effect of the pain.

Imagine love flowing from your heart, into your arms and your hands. Put your hand on the healing part and tell him that you love him and that you are helping him recover.

The intention is just as important, if not more important than the action itself.

With information from Monsalud Luque

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