Pallas Athena Astrology

Pallas Athena Astrology,

In an astrological chart, in addition to the planets, we can sometimes include asteroids, giving us additional information about our life tendencies in the particular area where they are located in the chart of our birth.

Pallas Athena Astrology – Personal history with this asteroid

This time we will talk about Pallas Athena, an asteroid that takes its name from a goddess of Greek mythology and we will record its characteristics in astrology.

Pallas Athena is like a female version of Mars, but with more intelligence and culture. She is a warrior goddess, but unlike the red planet, she does not use force or follow her impulses and instincts, but uses strategy and flaunts her intellect.

Art of war

Military and culture go hand in hand with Pallas Athena, so it takes on a higher meaning for the “art of war” as the name of Sun Tzu’s famous book.

When warrior energy comes with a code of honor and a studied strategy combined with ancient wisdom, one can feel Pallas Athena in these martial qualities.

But it goes further because when we apply this martial energy to our inner, physical, mental and spiritual growth and when we transmit these advances to others and to the people around us to achieve collaborative development, we are in the presence of Pallas Athena.

Mars vs. Pallas Athena

Mars is positive energy, applicable to both war and sports; courageous, physical action, proactive, while Pallas Athena is negative energy: inner strength, mental, strategic.

I want to tell you about my experience with the energy of Pallas Athena because the best way to know the impact of a celestial body is to observe its effect on ourselves and those around us; experience is the best way to recognize the qualities of a planetary point in our chart.

I have Mars, in falling aspect in Taurus and that is why I never practice sports and much less martial arts, well, at least I thought so, although if I am surprised in the comfort of my home, watching series like “Kung Fu”, when I never dared to practice this martial art.

Tai Chi Chuan

For the same reason, I have always been reluctant to practice Tai Chi Chuan, martial art related to Kung Fu, but with more fluid movements. However, about six months ago, I decided to enroll in Tai Chi therapy classes and thought, since it is “therapy”, they would not emphasize the “martial arts” part.

But, once I progressed in my exercises and experienced the progress I had made, I discovered that if I wanted to, I could focus on Tai Chi on the martial side and I could move up the ranks (white belt, yellow belt…all the way up to black), because that athletic enthusiasm was awakened in me and at every turn, it went beyond the physical.

As I progressed physically, which also led me to change my lifestyle and my diet, my mind was also at peace, my body was synchronized with the natural cycles of the universe, the rhythm of my breathing, mental stillness and the development of memory.

In short, a better state of physical, mental and spiritual health.

With that, I enjoy learning balanced defensive strategies to manage the energies of the body and the energies we draw from nature, supported by ancient tradition and wisdom.

It is a wonderful experience and has been part of my life, in an institution that preserves this ancient tradition, as is the Center for Traditional Chinese Arts “Heaven Earth Man”. In my case, I belong to the Nueva Esparta state branch in Venezuela.

This story is an example of the influence of this star in my life.

Pallas Athena

I have Pallas Athena in Capricorn, which creates a quite favorable aspect to Mars and from what I have told you, I believe that my experience with Tai Chi bears the stamp of Pallas Athena.

It is a martial art that develops slow, harmonious movements, in rhythm with the breath, that is meditation in motion; its background and history have a strong spiritual component.

The falling aspect of Mars in my chart would not have taken me out of my comfort zone, but my Pallas Athena has moved my warrior and competitive energy (not to compete with others, but with “my limit”) and move that warrior energy of hers or negative polarity within me,

That energy is curious with my direct instructor who is a woman, by the way, a great teacher, with whom I see the vivid image of Pallas Athena.

Cultural aspect and wisdom of Palas Atenea

It is important to emphasize the cultural aspect and wisdom of Palas Atenea that I felt not only in the aspect of physical education, but also in the need to study, investigate and understand this discipline, which made me want to have more information about it, its history, philosophical foundations, the impact and meaning of our practice and more.

But besides that, in the same institution, we received this theoretical training through lectures, seminars and courses, so the influence of Pallas Athena in its cultural aspect is also reflected in my natal chart.

Finally, I would like to add that I took with a lot of discipline having Pallas Athena in Capricorn and to add that I am in conjunction with Saturn, so I took it very seriously…

With information from Venezuelan astrologer Pedro Gonzalez Silva