Kubera Mudra Benefits

Kubera Mudra Benefits, InfoMistico.com

The Kubera mudra is used in yoga to focus on abundance and prosperity, both mentally and physically. The term comes from Kubera, the Hindu god of wealth.

Kubera Mudra – Attracting prosperity and abundance with the spiritual power of our hands

If you feel that your energy is not at its best when it comes to abundance and prosperity, you can include in your daily meditation the practice of Kubera Mudra, associated with Lord Kubera, the Hindu god of treasures and wealth.

This simple gesture with your hands helps you energetically increase your confidence and tranquility, making you connect with the infinite source of abundance and prosperity that is always within everyone’s reach.

You can practice the Kubera Mudra when you need serenity in difficult moments, it will help you to calm and quiet your mind so you can think calmly and solve your problems with new ideas.

How to perform the Kubera Mudra

To do the mudra, place the index, middle and thumb together and fold the other two fingers over the palm.

Kubera Mudra Benefits, InfoMistico.com

When you do this, repeat your wish out loud three times. Try to do this in a positive way, including affirmations instead of negations, for example, instead of saying:

  • “I don’t want to spend so much,” you can say “from now on, I will save X amount of money every day.”

Press your fingers together while doing this. You can do this with one or two hands, it is more effective if you do it with both hands.

You must visualize the goals and objectives you want to achieve before doing this exercise and while practicing it. Keep in mind the idea of the prosperity you desire in different areas of your life.

Feel as if this desire has become a reality, visualize yourself there and feel the emotions it generates in you. In this way, you will be able to connect with it and awaken in you the strength and determination you need to achieve it.

Third eye

Kubera mudra is related to the third eye chakra (Ajna) and you should try to practice it for 3 minutes a day, either with deep breathing or as part of your daily meditation.

You can do it with your eyes open or closed in a meditative state. Each finger has a symbolic meaning:

  • Thumb – forcefulness
  • Index finger – wisdom and development
  • Middle finger – balance and equity

By joining these fingers together in the Kubera mudra, energy is said to be channeled into the universe, creating the desired abundance or furthering a desire. Kubera mudra also increases confidence and self-esteem, energizes the mind, accelerates metabolism and promotes empowerment.

The mudras

Mudras are not a magical solution to the problems and needs of life, they represent an energy channel that helps you balance your energies with those of the universe to achieve your goals and objectives, raise you, solve problems in the best way and satisfy your needs.

Therefore, you should not limit yourself to exercises to improve your life, you must work to achieve it. Mudras will give you the energy and will to do so.

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