Accidents according to biodescodification

Accidents according to biodescodification,

Concerning accidents, it could be said that they are alien to Biodescodification. Even, accidents are one of the 3 concepts that are not “included” in the principles of Biodescodification: Biodescodification does not solve birth deformities, poisonings, or accidents.

Accidents according to biodescodification — Emotional conflicts

However, with the passing of the years, we have been able to verify that the accidents, a great part of accidents can be included within the methodology of Biodescodification.

Because precisely the accidents can be a family loyalty and we are not conscious of it and if we put just a little attention to the revision of our genealogical tree, these accidents can only appear in our lives as a “repair” of the drama lived by an ancestor.

Other accidents, on the other hand, can happen to us because of the thoughts or emotions that we feel at a certain moment even if we are not conscious of them.

Emotions that cause a distraction

Without going into quantum or energetic stories that could also influence, of course, we should pay attention then to what we were thinking or the emotions we were feeling, just seconds before suffering the accident.

Important will also be to observe and analyze the organs or parts of the body that are damaged after an accident because that part of the body will be closely related to such distracting thoughts or emotions.

In those accidents in which we are injured by the “responsibility” of another person, we will have to analyze them with a more quantum and energetic focus.

Because even if it has not been our thoughts or emotions that have caused the accident, it could be our vibratory frequency: airplane accidents crash while I am a passenger.

Accidents for which we are responsible

We will limit our analysis to those accidents for which we are responsible: falls, collisions, fractures, cuts, sprains, strains, blows, bruises, burns, scratches, etc.

As long as I have been driving, going up, going down, doing, etc. I am solely responsible for the accident. Or, those “repetitive” accidents that could point to a transgenerational history.

In the accidents that were the responsibility of “others”, in the role of “aggressions received” we will also have to consider the family history, the transgenerational: bullets, stab wounds, beatings, pushes, run over, etc.

Repetitive accidents

Look for constants, i.e:

  • Do they always occur at the same time?
  • Do they always occur on the same day of the week?
  • Do they always occur on the same date?
  • Do they always occur on the same part of the body?

We must keep in mind that there are “anniversary memories” and “family loyalties” within the genealogical tree and this obliges us to pay attention since my repetitive accident can be a symbolic way of “repairing” what a double of ours in the tree once experienced.

Three years ago, I estimate, a person who came for consultation at the time we were saying goodbye casually mentioned that she always cut her fingers when preparing food. Always while chopping onions.

She could cut or slice anything else without any problems and without ever cutting herself, but if it was onion it was certain that one of her fingers would be cut. That day we laughed about the anecdote and this person left. This fact was more “curious” than important for her.

It was about a week and a half ago that this girl contacted us by message and in it, she commented the following:

“I have discovered the reason for my constant cutting every time I split or slice onions. I haven’t cut myself anymore after learning a story.

Chatting with my mother’s aunt’s sister who returned a few months ago after living in Spain for many years with her husband, I learned that my great-grandmother, my aunt’s and my mother’s grandmother, had had a very hard life.

According to my aunt, my great-grandmother was the maid in the house and my great-grandfather was the favorite son of his father and mother. My great-grandfather was a vain, capricious and good-for-nothing child. But he had a lot of money.

My great-grandmother arrived at that house when she was only 14 years old. She came to Mexico City from her hometown in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, eager to work and improve herself. Innocent, young and full of dreams ahead.

The owner of the house, (my great-great-grandmother), hires my great-grandmother and begins to teach her to do the cleaning, to take care of the big garden, to take care of all the family members and of course to cook, so that everything would be perfect and to her liking. My great-grandmother learned quickly and became the star of that house.

Over the years, she and my great-grandfather began a dating relationship hidden from my great-great-grandmother and my great-great-grandfather, because it would never be well seen by society for the junior to marry the maid.

She told my aunt (many years later of course), that in that house they ate a lot of “tinga”. A Mexican dish consisting of sliced onions in “strips” and shredded chicken, all in a rich red tomato and chipotle chili broth.

Grandmother used to say that there must always be tinga prepared for any whim of any of the family members or the servants’ meals because there was a gardener, a chauffeur and a messenger.

My great-grandmother told my aunt, that it was just one day when she was slicing onions to prepare tinga, that my great-grandfather entered the kitchen and started kissing her with rapture. My great-grandmother continued chopping onions, playing and laughing, when at that moment my great-great-grandmother entered, discovering the romance and screaming.

She cut her finger at the exact moment she screamed from my great-great-grandmother. The right moment of “emotional impact”

The story is much longer and full of details.

Because after that comes to the fact that my great-grandfather is disinherited, my great-grandparents run away from that house to get married, my great-grandfather becomes the disgrace of that family, etc. Checking the birthday dates thanks to the fact that my aunt did know her grandmother’s (my great-grandmother’s) birthday, is that I discover that I am her double.

The story of that moment when she cut herself is what was engraved in my grandmother’s unconscious and that I had been carrying without knowing it.

Even my mother didn’t know that story, only my aunt because she was my mother’s older sister and I am grateful that she has freed me from cutting myself every time I slice an onion just by telling me the story. Kisses.

Accidents can be biodecodified

Evidently, after reading all these messages, it became more than clear to us that accidents on many occasions can be biodecoded. Even many of the accidents are nothing more than the consequences of an unconscious repair of shocking emotional experiences of the same family.

This is why, if on some occasion, you have the bad luck to suffer an accident or if you live continuous repetitive accidents, give yourself a minute to review the emotions and thoughts that were going through your head at that or those moments.

If you are lucky enough to obtain such precise data from the family, do not discard them, because perhaps in those stories that seem unimportant, is the key to freeing yourself from such experiences.

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