The Gradual Fade of Common Sense

The Gradual Fade of Common Sense,

What became common sense? This integral attribute, once steering our actions and cognition, appears to be slipping away in the fog of modernity. We embark on a contemplative quest, seeking to understand why common sense is on the wane and what this means for today’s society.

The Vanishing Act of Common Sense: A Study of Shifting Values

In the whirlwind of the digital cosmos, countless narratives and contemplations proliferate, with a select few achieving ‘classic’ status due to their pertinence and sharp insight. One such “eulogy,” erroneously ascribed to The New York Times, has seized the digital imagination.

This searing and poignant missive has struck a chord with readers worldwide, eloquently articulating how common sense, humanity’s trusted ally, has evaporated from our existence.

The repercussions of this loss, keenly felt across society, form the core of our discussion in this piece.

The Extinction of Common Sense? Contemporary Paradoxes Jeopardizing its Survival

Common sense, a priceless resource, has guided us through innumerable generations, though its precise inception remains shrouded in bureaucratic vagaries. It’s revered for imparting critical life lessons such as grounding oneself in reality and the rewards of being an early bird. Additionally, common sense emphasized that “life isn’t always fair” and sometimes, “perhaps I am at fault.”

This loyal companion championed uncomplicated and pragmatic fiscal policies, advising against living beyond one’s means and favoring the authority of adults over children.

However, its vitality drastically dwindled due to the implementation of well-intended yet inefficient laws. Preposterous instances, like a six-year-old being accused of sexual harassment for kissing a peer or students expelled for using mouthwash post-lunch, severely battered its resilience.

Common sense suffered a further decline as parents rebuked educators for disciplining the very children they failed to manage. Its condition gravely deteriorated when schools required parental permission to apply sunscreen or dispense aspirin, yet could withhold information about a student’s pregnancy or abortion.

Common Sense in the 21st Century: An Unsustainable Descent into Pessimism

Exhaustion engulfed common sense as religious institutions morphed into enterprises and offenders were handled more gently than their victims. It was flagrantly disrespected when forbidden to protect itself within its own home, while an intruder could potentially sue for assault.

The final blow arrived with a woman securing a ludicrous settlement after scalding herself with coffee she spilled at a renowned fast-food chain. The strain proved insurmountable; common sense admitted defeat.

Its passing was quiet, preceded by its parents, Truth and Trust, its spouse, Discretion and its offspring, Responsibility and Reason. It is survived by five step-siblings: I Know My Rights, I Want It Now, Someone Else Is To Blame, I Am A Victim and Pay Me For Doing Nothing.

Its departure, largely unnoticed, was marked by humble memorial service, scarcely attended as most were oblivious to its absence. If you recollect common sense, please disseminate its tale. If not, align with the majority and refrain from action.