Saturn Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde,

Mercury retrograde will end on June 3, but the planetary retrograde is far from giving us a break. Saturn will also do the same from June 4 to October 22, the good thing about this process is that it is slow, so its impact is gradual and its effects are not very clear.

Saturn Retrograde 2022 — Meaning and what its impact will be

In astrology, Saturn is the planet of discipline, boundaries, hard work, and commitment.

A slow transposing planet through the zodiac (it lasts about 2 1/2 years for each sign), it directly encourages us to be more aware of our responsibilities and forces us to learn hard lessons.

Saturn Retrograde

However, when it turns retrograde, its effects become more intrinsic. It allows us to reflect on questions of how to face our fears, release our rigidity and stimulate our limits.

Saturn retrograde will occur in the sign of Aquarius, so it also offers the opportunity to establish healthy boundaries in our relationships or strengthen the ones we have.

Signs affected by Saturn retrograde in 2022

When Saturn goes retrograde in a fixed sign like Aquarius, people belonging to this astrological sign will feel its effects more deeply. This means that Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, along with Aquarius, will be more affected.

The influence of Saturn retrograde in these signs will be reflected when they have to deal with issues they thought they had overcome.

Taking advantage of Saturn retrograde’s effects

Saturn retrograde can be compared to karma; it requires learning lessons that went unnoticed. Astrologers explain that it is like retaking an exam, with the difference that there is no right answer, but knowing how to choose which “mountain” to climb and which not to climb.

In short, Saturn retrograde means the time to strive to approach work, projects, responsibilities, missions, goals, etc., in the best possible way for the universe to reward you with personal growth and development.

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