Another Self Family Constellations

Another Self Family Constellations,

If we experience something repeatedly, we can break the cycle. And even if we ignore the past, it still has an impact on us now. Three friends meet for the first time in the eight-episode Turkish series “Another Self,” available on Netflix when one of them has cancer and has relapsed despite receiving allopathic treatment.

Another Self and Family Constellations

They embark on a journey of self-discovery using a method called “Expansion of the family of origin”, which is an unequivocally systemic work of Family Constellations, in some cases voluntarily and more forced in the case of Ada.

Synopsis Another Self

The work of this author is based on the idea that when problems, illnesses, or character defects hit us, we must look for their spiritual roots.

For one of them to recover from cancer, three friends named Tuba Büyüküstün, Boncuk Ylmaz and Seda Bakan travel to a small village in Turkey called Cunda. However, along this journey, each of them embarks on an inner journey to find themselves and heal their past.

Our goal is to identify the root causes of our problems, worries and fears, as well as the spirals that afflict us, as stated at the beginning of the series.

Spiritual Connection

Healing occurs when we establish a spiritual connection, put the past in order by eliminating secrets, lies, unexpressed feelings and anxieties and reach the deepest forgiveness with our ancestors, with ourselves and with all that we are or have been.

But not everyone has the same views…

When science protects reason and takes precedence, it is difficult to understand how drastically people can change when they simply connect with their deepest selves and are in tune with their desires.

The simplest thing in life is often not the most popular. Although the protagonist’s mother observes her daughter’s physical and interpersonal improvements; however, she criticizes the therapist’s work because she fears her daughter will “wake up” and leave her or discover a long-kept family secret.

Underlying support

In the series, Zaman (Firat Tanis), a therapeutic companion, is seen working with patients to help them become a better version of themselves and to understand the underlying causes of their ailments, illnesses, or blocks.

He teaches them that these problems may not only arise for reasons beyond them personally but may also have something to do with the way they live their lives or how they are structured.

Any therapist can go through this with a patient who has chosen the path of allopathic medicine and needs to open up to their inner world to identify the cause of pain and heal.

When the two sides come together and we stop polarizing or stigmatizing what does not match our ideals, everything increases and nothing decreases.

Netflix bets on a systemic program

I think that for the first time the work of Family Constellations, psychogenealogy and transgenerational is seen with a lot of clarity and respect.

All conversations and explanations have been carefully considered and conform to an educated method of operation.

Since the dispersion through the Netflix platform is quite high and done correctly, it is strongly appreciated that not a single sentence is outside the theoretical framework of the systematic work.

Even the book “It Didn’t Start With You” by Mark Wolynn, whose subtitle is “How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle” is cited in the bibliography. If you want to learn more about systemic work, we suggest you read this book.

It is an excellent series of examples for you to learn how a constellation is done, what insights we can access through our unconscious and what changes we can feel if we repair family history if you are interested in learning about family constellations and how they work.

What will the eight chapters show us?

Ordinary people like you and me may think we live freely, but we may be caught in the cobwebs of our past, which affect our health, happiness, prosperity and current ability to fulfill our life’s purpose.

To empathize with others and put compassion for others and love for oneself, we must uncover what is buried behind old patterns, acknowledge what was there without judgment or criticism and accept what is ours to live with.

In other words, we can choose to believe that we are right and that our fate is determined by chance, or we can learn to accept ourselves as we are, which will set us free.

Reflecting on life

“Another Self” will make you reflect on the most fundamental human concerns, such as the value of friendship and the importance of overcoming past mistakes and tragedies, especially those that occurred within the family.

Only in this way can we escape the dominance of the past, which tends to pilot itself without allowing any new construction. We live in a reactionary way because we are prisoners of the past, which leaves little opportunity for innovation, novelty, or openness to the unknown.

This series sends a strong message that life is precious and should be lived in peace and authenticity, not as an absurd imitation that only feeds the ego. Love is the greatest thing and each person’s journey reflects that.

Evren Nuran

The narrator, author and screenwriter of the TV series “Another Self” is Evren Nuran. She spent five years preparing Family Constellations for the big screen. The script contains a part of her narration.

Two years ago, Nuran lost her father and her Brazilian sister – whom she had come to love like a sister – to cancer. At the time, Nuran had been living in Brazil for a year. As a result of these events, she became interested in the environment of the disease.

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