Clavicle Biodescodification

Clavicle Biodescodification,

The third embryonic stage is when the clavicle develops. Movement, evaluation. A confrontation like Hercules with our belief in (divine) resentment: “I can handle anything”. I could not lean on my father, therefore, “to mature, I must lean on my father”.

Clavicle according to Biodescodification – Emotional Conflicts

  • “Idea of realization” in the external-clavicular articulation.
  • “Notion of separation” in the acromion-articular joint.

Physical obstruction of the clavicle

This bone is prone to fractures and sprains. Some people have unexpected sharp pain in it.

Emotional blockage of the clavicle

Since all problems related to the bone revolve around authority, the person suffering from sudden clavicular pain likely has authority issues with those who give them orders and those with whom they have a hard time asserting themselves.

The issue is that this person wants to do something different than what is imposed on them.

Mental block of the clavicle

He must understand that he has a say and that, as long as he lets his anxieties rule his actions, he will continue to be subject to other people’s orders.

In addition, you will most likely feel guilty for having rebellious ideas and criticize yourself for not having the strength to accomplish what you want to do, because all pain means that a person wants to punish himself for something.

Even if as a child you submitted to authority figures because you were terrified of your parents, this does not indicate that you should remain that way throughout your life.

Your anxieties will cease to be valid if you communicate how you feel and expose your needs and you will find that asserting yourself is easier than you expected.

Your life is, as always, in your hands and not in anyone else’s.

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