Lupus Biodescodification

Lupus Biodescodification,

Over the years, several studies and analyses in several patients, have determined that Lupus or Lupus Erythematosus does not exist as a disease.

LUPUS according to Biodescodification — Emotional Conflicts

Lupus is not a disease, or a syndrome is a set of several and very diverse symptoms that somatize one or very diverse emotional conflicts experienced at the same time, either simultaneously or one after the other.

Until a few years ago, any doctor could easily diagnose lupus when he came across more than one of the following symptoms …

Joint pain or inflammation or swelling of joints

Tissues are derived from the new mesoderm (which governs tissues that allow or symbolize our movement and valorization). Also add symptoms in the blood (which we already know represents the family), changes in counts and easily present anemia.

It could be a devaluation received from our own family that prevents me from moving freely or the devaluation makes me feel unable to move, advance, etc.


What are the pericardium and/or pleura?

They are the “little skins” that cover my heart and/or my lungs. Both derive from the ancient mesoderm and necessarily obey an emotion of separation and unprotection or, on the contrary, I want to be separated from…

In other words: knowing that heart is family, family love and its variants.

The lung is a territory, the threat within the territory and fear of dying, I feel unprotected by my family, I want to separate from my family, I feel that they do not threaten my territory or the situation at home makes me feel fear of dying.

Renal disease

The kidneys are organs derived from the endoderm and the endoderm governs all the organs and tissues that enable my survival.

If I am unable to filter the fluids I drink, process my fluids, to mark territory with my fluids (urine, as a dog would), I will certainly affect my kidneys.

Knowing that the kidneys may be signaling to me either a territory marking problem or a liquidity problem, I must apply that to the search for my emotional impact. It may be my family involved and it may be a work or school issue:

  • What territory do I not have?
  • What territory do I feel encroached upon?
  • What territory can’t I mark?
  • What territory do I feel far away from?
  • What makes me feel like a fish out of water?
  • And we move on to liquidity, analyzing what am I spending so much money on.
  • Where is my money going like water?
  • Why do I feel guilty every time I make an expense?
  • Why do I live feeling that I have to stop spending?

And so we continue with every one of the elements that make up the symptomatology of lupus because each one contains an emotion, a possible emotional conflict. Therefore, it is not that I or anyone else has LUPUS.

Simply that I have experienced together any of the emotional impacts mentioned, I have not known how to resolve them and now I have the symptoms.

We also have

  • Muscle pains: devaluation
  • Red rashes on the skin: Separation
  • Hair loss: devaluation
  • Pale fingers or toes: devaluation and detachment
  • Swollen eyes: relationship conflicts: I don’t want to see or no longer see what I liked.
  • Mouth ulcers: relationship conflict: I said or was told something humiliating.
  • Tiredness and fever: symptoms of conflict resolution, but if it goes on for more than 3 weeks it only denotes that I have not fully resolved it.

So, medicine sees two or three symptoms of all of the above and throws its verdict: LUPUS.

Not necessarily you have all the symptoms mentioned above, but if your biggest problem which is the devaluation, now we add a diagnosis of “YOU HAVE LUPUS” and you buy the diagnosis, obviously all of the above will be complicated, because if you were already weak or worried, now you will be more so.

Basically what you should do with a diagnosis of LUPUS, is to look for the following 3 emotional impacts or emotional conflicts in your life and of course, solve them …

Devaluation and/or self-devaluation conflict

This conflict affects the bones and joints, depending on the specific type of devaluation and causes of course typical joint pain and inflammation in patients with LUPUS.

Uprooting conflict/fish out of water / I’m not where I like to be

This conflict affects the kidney or both kidneys, causing fluid retention and edema (swelling) in the body, interpreted as lupus nephritis when it occurs in conjunction with the other conflicts that give rise to lupus.

Such conflict and its continuing partial but not definitive resolutions, may result in renal failure.

Separation conflict

This conflict affects the skin, especially the epidermis, giving its main signs and symptoms in the healing phase, since it is in this phase that dropsy or swelling of the epidermis occurs.

Of course, if I start to feel more like a “fish out of water,” this swelling could get worse. Rashes or skin patches will result from this.

The Lungs

Finally, let’s add a Plus: The Lungs. We may be living “A FEAR OF DYING” and that would complicate everything.

The conflicts as a whole may be happening at the same time, the same week or the same days, or the same month. I could be in a situation of life in chaos, where I solve and I have already moved on to something else and that other thing I solve halfway and I fall back into the first thing.

If there is something common in patients with LUPUS, it is that they activate and solve conflicts over and over again, because they do not make significant changes in their lives. They temporarily resolve some of the conflicts, feel better for a while and as the days go by, they relapse again.

The patient may even be diagnosed as “IN REMISSION” if for whatever reason they manage to partially resolve some of the conflicts. But it will not be definitive until it is not permanently resolved.


A clear sign that the patient partially resolves and redoes, is that headaches will begin.

Their brain, embryonic tissue repair edema, increases the size of the edema and if the patient relapses into their conflict, for example of “uprooting” and retaining fluids, the fluids in the brain edema will increase as well and that can be life-threatening for the patient in the healing crisis.

Such growth of the cerebral edema (you will understand this if you know the PHASES OF THE DISEASES) can cause behavioral problems because perhaps it is not only edema but each emotional conflict was experienced in a different cerebral hemisphere and has formed a CONSTELLATION.

This can bring with it, changes in mood, psychiatric symptoms, psychological alterations, etc. And now, something else that doctors say in their diagnosis: ALTERED IMMUNITARY SYSTEM.

And not.

Changes in the immune system

What is happening is that any change in the immune system is because the brain is attentive to all other conflicts and symptoms and in its eagerness for your survival, it could be said that it “neglects” your defenses.

The brain is focused on making sure your kidneys are working, your lungs are working, your skin is not damaged, etc.

The only way to free yourself from a diagnosis of LUPUS is to analyze who you live with and what conditions you live in. It is up to you to get away from those who do not value you, separate yourself from that toxic environment and empower yourself.

Find yourself a healthy territory where you do not feel invaded and become self-sufficient so that you can feel again the owner of yourself and your life.

“No poor me”, go ahead and make changes so you can heal completely.

Article adapted and translated by / with information from Akasha Integral Healing

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