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Horoscopes Month Libra, InfoMistico.com

Taurus Sign

Libra The season offers you the time to organize yourself and concentrate on the minute elements that make up your daily routine.

Are you satisfied with the way you chose to live your days? Or do you frequently lose focus on your goals as a result of external distractions or a slump?

The energy of the Libra season is excellent for changing your everyday routine and forming new, productive and healthy ones. Be careful not to get overly ambitious with your goals given the powerful retrograde energy that is currently rushing through our cosmos.

Don’t overcomplicate things and don’t take on more than you can handle. The Libra New Moon on September 25th may make you more aware of your physical and mental health. If you feel that you have taken on too many jobs, you may need to establish some limits and begin delegation.

The magnificent energy contained in this New Moon has the power to start the flow of abundance into your life. Keep your heart and mind open because you are in a great position to accept some of this bountiful energy. Recognize your worthiness to get support and assistance. You don’t have to handle everything on your own.

On October 9, the Aries Full Moon could reveal some long-buried truths or, conversely, it could reignite problems with your sense of wellbeing. Make achieving balance your guiding principle as the Libra Season unfolds.

Don’t worry if things seem unfinished or incomplete; the next Eclipse Season, which lasts until November, will bring clarity and possibly even greater change. This year’s Eclipses have affected you the most, but keep in mind that this energy is assisting in the evolution and improvement of your soul.

Gemini Sign

The season of Libra will widen your heart and help you understand what is significant.

This Libra Season is full of heart healing for you, so be kind to yourself and keep connecting to what your heart is trying to tell you, even if it occasionally seems uncomfortable.

Your heart is an incredibly potent instrument of guidance and the more you pay attention to and honor what it stirs up within you, the simpler it is to work with it. On September 25, the Libra New Moon is likely to bring up sentimental issues in your life.

You might receive a call from a loved one who needs your help or just realize that you’re connecting more with folks around you. This New Moon is a great time to put yourself out there if you’re looking for a relationship in your life.

You don’t need to do anything significant, but sowing a small seed during this New Moon will get things moving.

Your governing planet, Mercury, will be in retrograde until October 2 when the Sun is in Libra. You might feel a little fuzzy or confused during this time, or on the other extreme, you can discover that your thinking is clearer!

Although every one of us may experience Mercury Retrograde in slightly different ways, it is always a time to look inward and pay attention to our inner selves. You should pay heed to the messages coming from your inner self at this time.

On October 9, as the Full Moon approaches, you might realize that you need to take some sort of action.

Come return to your heart if you need to make a significant choice, but remember that you can also rely on others for assistance. It will help you keep out of your mind and move you more into your body if you try not to take things too seriously and try to treat whatever comes up during this Full Moon with a bit more humor.

We shall enter eclipse territory, which is always a moment of transformation, as Libra Season concludes. That’s a lot of vitality! So, while doing this, be kind to yourself.

Cancer Sign

The Libra Season of 2022 can make you more mindful of your living environment. You might feel the need to remodel your room or make it feel more comfortable.

If you don’t already have one, use your creative energy towards making an altar or other sacred area in your home where you can feel safe and at peace. Put things in it that will cheer you up and serve as a constant reminder of how much you are loved.

On September 25, the Libra New Moon may bring up familial issues. Take solace in the knowledge that this New Moon does give some beneficial vibrations for reconciliation and seeing things from the other person’s perspective if there are some difficult difficulties in your family.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is still in retrograde during this New Moon, so it is best to consider your words very carefully before speaking them. Mercury in retrograde might occasionally cause us to speak without thinking or to give information excessively, both of which are detrimental to healing.

Keep your mind open to receiving as this New Moon is also emitting some great bountiful energy. You can never predict what the universe will throw at you. The Aries Full Moon occurs on October 9 as the Libra Season deepens. Around this Full Moon, there is some harsh energy and you can feel particularly sensitive.

This Full Moon may signal the beginning of an ending, or it may mark the completion of all you have been working so hard on for the past year. Give yourself some space. Sometimes endings hurt or leave us wondering what comes next.

Do not feel compelled to hurry and fill any gaps that may remain. Enjoy the conclusion for everything it has taught you, for any pleasures, it may have provided and for the lessons, it has helped you learn. Recognize that you will move on to the next chapter soon enough.

Leo Sign

This season, your thoughts may be on who you choose to surround yourself with because Libra energy can make us reflect on that.

You might be considering not only who you choose to be in your immediate environment, but also how you choose to interact with them. You can be considering ways to improve your communication skills or find shorter ways to express yourself.

You have the Universe’s utmost backing if you are thinking in this way. If you feel pulled to it, work with this energy and you will succeed since improving your communication skills can aid in all facets of life.

On September 25, the Libra New Moon, you can experience a talking event or find yourself in some way expressing your thoughts and opinions.

Take a moment to concentrate on your throat chakra if you need to give a presentation or are in a circumstance where you need to express yourself. This appears as a blue light ball in the exact middle of your throat. Imagine this ball of blue light expanding and appearing powerful.

See how it spins—not too quickly, not too slowly. Recognize that you merit being heard. And be aware that what you have to say during this New Moon may have a significant influence. The Aries Full Moon occurs on October 9 as the Libra Season deepens.

This Full Moon may cause legal issues to flare up or force you to review some contracts. These contracts can even contain an exciting new opportunity! Take your time and make sure to read everything very carefully because Mercury, the planet that governs contracts and negotiations, is only regaining strength after becoming retrograde.

If something doesn’t sound right, trust your gut. Be careful not to jump before you look or engage in an activity that doesn’t seem right because there is some fierce energy surrounding this Full Moon. Never seize the first opportunity that presents itself; there will always be plenty more.

Virgo Sign

You can now see things clearly because the Sun’s brilliant light has just left your zodiac.

The Sun is a symbol of who we are at our heart in astrology. When the Sun shines in your zodiac sign, it can shed more light on who you are and help you reach your full potential. The Sun might assist you to see things that were in your blind area or even things that initially confused you as it goes away from your zodiac sign.

Particularly during the first half of Libra Season, you are being encouraged to delve inward and be quite reflective. Your inner world may have changed and now is a good moment to get to know all the new aspects of yourself that have emerged.

Who are you today? What do you take pride in? Where do you believe there is still work to be done? See if you can approach these questions with a very caring attitude because, as a Virgo, you are always a bit harsher on yourself than you should be.

On September 25, the Libra New Moon delivers some bountiful energy that you can use to improve your financial status or income. This would be an excellent time to investigate your options if you’ve ever considered starting a side business selling handcrafted goods or dabbling in investments.

Additionally, now is a good time to organize your finances and determine where you have extra money to spend or where you need to cut back. As October approaches, there is a full moon in Aries. This Full Moon, which falls on the 9th, could set off some intense feelings.

It could be necessary for you to make a difficult conversation with someone or set clear boundaries. This Full Moon may act as a wake-up call if you have been taking on too much or carrying other people’s burdens. When you can, prioritize your needs and bring more equilibrium to the giving and receiving of energy…

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