Annular Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Annular Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio,

On May 5, at 17:24 universal time, a very interesting astronomical event will take place that will undoubtedly impact the lives of many people: an annular lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio.

Annular Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio

This type of eclipse only occurs during the Full Moon phase when the Sun is in the opposite sign to that of our satellite. This causes the Moon to be illuminated much more strongly but when the Earth gets in the way that brightness is hidden and the eclipse occurs.

In this case, the eclipse will be annular, which means that the shadow disc will be smaller than the circumference of the Moon, exposing the edges of the Moon.

Eclipses, both solar and lunar, tend to produce transformations in human beings although not instantaneously. It has been proven that they can take up to six months to manifest.

When an eclipse occurs the energies of the Sun or Moon are interrupted for a few moments which can affect our psyche in various ways.

In the case of the Moon, as our subconscious governs, it is likely that we will experience alterations that lead to internal transformations. This happens both at the individual and collective levels since the Moon also governs the “collective unconscious”.

The lunar eclipse is an excellent opportunity to face our inner world and make a profound review of our behaviors and habits, to bring out old fears, traumas or phobias that we must face in order to free ourselves from those outdated behaviors that prevent us from moving forward.

It helps to clear our minds and produce a change in habits in the area of our life that requires it.

How the eclipse in Taurus and Scorpio will affect the economy and life values

The annular lunar eclipse on May 5 will last approximately four hours and its influence will last for the next six months.

Although the signs of Taurus and Scorpio will feel their effects more strongly, we will all be influenced because the 12 zodiac signs are present in our astrological chart and therefore, each of us has a sector of life that is governed by Taurus and another by Scorpio, as well as ten other sectors governed by the remaining signs.

The eclipse in Taurus and Scorpio, on a collective level, will affect economic activity and also the values and principles of life, as well as the processes of spiritual evolution. Uranus, close to the Sun in Taurus, will strongly influence this eclipse which can favor a radical change in our daily routine and help to overcome the attachments that hinder our advancement and renewal in life.

On the other hand, the proximity of Mercury retrograde to Taurus will have a strong influence on the changes that will lead us to take a real turn in the direction we are taking. This will have an impact on both the individual and collective levels, as many global events, especially on the economic and political levels, may occur over the next six months.

Uranus at the center of the lunar eclipse: What surprises can it bring to Venezuela’s economy?

This eclipse will have an impact on the whole world, but in Venezuela, special attention should be paid due to its closeness to the sign of Scorpio and the position of Uranus in its astrological chart.

The South American country has Uranus in the same degree as the eclipse which suggests that there may be surprising events, especially in the area of the economy.

In addition, the Moon, which influences the behavior of the population, will be in conjunction with Uranus in house 2 of Venezuela’s astrological chart which can lead to unexpected reactions and a process of changing values in society.

It’s important to keep in mind that eclipses can have lasting and transformative effects on humans and the world in general.

The lunar eclipse in Scorpio will be an opportunity to reflect on our behaviors and habits and to free ourselves from those that prevent us from moving forward in our lives. It’s a time to face our fears and traumas and work on our spiritual and personal evolution.

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