Lunar Nodes

Would you like to discover more about your purpose in life? The Lunar Nodes have you covered! These astrological points offer a profound insight into your karmic lessons and the energies you need to integrate to reach your true potential. Lunar Nodes represent the connection between your past and your future showing you the direction you should take to reach your destiny.

Nodos Lunares

Lunar Nodes in Aries

The Lunar Nodes, astral entities that mark the pulse of time, take us on a profound journey towards introspection and rebirth. From the South Node in Scorpio, which confronts us with the uncomfortable aspects of our personality, to the North Node in Aries, which invites us to be reborn in a world entering a new technological revolution.

Lilith, Nodos Lunares, Júpiter-Kirón y Más / Lilith, Lunar Nodes, Jupiter-Kiron and More

Lilith, Lunar Nodes, Jupiter-Chiron and More

Get ready to have your mind blown by the cosmic events that unfolded this weekend! The Black Moon, or Lilith, synchronized with the Lunar Nodes, unleashing a potent force that has left astrologers in awe. This cosmic convergence has propelled us towards new horizons, setting the stage for a transformational journey.

Urano y Tauro / Uranus conjunct North Node

Uranus conjunct North Node

This month Uranus will form close conjunction with the North Node, a point related to Karma and spiritual growth, for the first time since 2007, stimulating an opportunity to identify and truly embrace our destined path.

Nodos Lunares / Lunar Nodes

Lunar nodes astrology meaning

It is good to know a little more about the influence of the Nodes in our lives.  Within the diverse information that an astrological chart provides to the individual, there is a point of great transcendence such as the life mission…

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