Lilith, Lunar Nodes, Jupiter-Chiron and More

Lilith, Lunar Nodes, Jupiter-Chiron and More,

This weekend was intense for astrology! The Black Moon, also known as Lilith, aligned with the Lunar Nodes, which many astrologers have felt as a sense of imbalance and illness.

Intense Weekend of Astrology: Black Moon, Lunar Nodes and Jupiter-Chiron Conjunction in Aries

The conjunction of Jupiter-Chiron in Aries, an event that has not occurred since 1976, exacerbated this situation. This conjunction occurs every 14-15 years depending on the sign where Chiron is transiting; however, both were found in Aquarius in 2009.

On Friday 24th of February, the Moon and Lilith aligned to form a square with the Nodal points. This meant that even though Nodal points are neither planets nor asteroids their influence was powerful. The Moon was at 7° Taurus whereas Lilith and the Nodal points were at 5° and 7° Leo-Scorpio respectively. This unique alignment allowed for a connection to be made with the profound meaning of these geometric points.

Dark Moon Secrets – Studying Lilith’s Movement in a Birth Chart

The enigmatic Lilith, a hypothetical point in the orbit of the Moon when at its apogee, is a frequent topic among astrologists. Studying the movement of Lilith in a natal chart does not require complicated calculations, as many online astrology programs provide information on its location. A detailed analysis of this figure will allow for a better understanding of an individual’s behavior and emotions.

What are the secrets hidden in the Dark Moon?

Astrology tells us that Lilith is a powerful feminine force, associated with wild nature and primal energy. This dark moon, placed in a birth chart, can reveal an individual’s untapped potential – as well as the areas where they need to assert their independence and rebellion against patriarchal oppression.

What else can we uncover about Lilith?

The controversial Lilith comes to the minds of many when appearing in different mythologies around the world. It is said she was Adam’s first wife and was expelled from the Garden of Eden before the patriarch and his second wife, Eve, for challenging the imposed sexual role by the gods. Nevertheless, Lilith has been present for a long time.

The Myth of Demonic Women in Mesopotamia: The Legend of Lamashtu, Lilith and Lamia

Approximately in the year 700 BC, ancient tales about female demonic spirits circulated throughout Mesopotamia. These women according to legend, died while giving birth to malicious offspring as a result of encounters while their lovers slept.

The goddess Lamashtu was known as the queen of witchcraft and enchantment who stole babies and laid with sleeping men.

She was also associated with Lilith a warrior servant of Lamashtu.

Meanwhile, Lamia (daughter of Poseidon) would usually put men to sleep to have intimate relationships with them while they were resting. This mythical figure could manifest as a beautiful woman or as a monster endowed with a fishtail and eagle claws.

In the Middle Ages, the Talmud began to portray pregnant women outside of marriage as something socially unacceptable. This representation reflected male fear of having a child with someone they had no intention of forming a family or marrying.

Discover the Sacred Power of Lilith and Kali: Exploring Sacred Sex and Primitive Energy

A priestess of Inanna (Venus) had the sacred task of inviting those destined to take part in orgiastic ceremonies at the temple. There, participants would become intoxicated and unreservedly surrender to a night of sexual pleasure only to then be purified with a bath in sacred waters. This version of Lilith offers the possibility of sacred sex, without judgment or morality – but not immorality – as a divine act.

Ever since Patriarchy took hold during the Arian Age (2000 BC), Lilith has been represented in ancient and medieval legends as an embodiment of lust responsible for leading men astray but also as a murderous witch capable of strangling helpless newborns. These two roles developed separately, without any single narrative encompassing them both. Therefore, it is understandable why there is a connection between Lilith and voluntary or involuntary abortions.

Kali the daughter of Shakti and Shiva emerged from the primordial energy to become a powerful deity. This mythical figure has remained relevant throughout the millennia connecting her devotees with the force and eminence that allows them to overcome physical and even mental limitations.

Kali, also known as Mahakali or Kallka is considered a deity of supreme power and destruction. The Mother of all life she is venerated by those who seek her blessing for success and protection.

Exploring the Magic of Lilith: How the Goddess of the Winds Grants Us Moksha or Liberation

Lilith is considered the one who grants us Moksha or Liberation.

The effects of climate change are a palpable demonstration of what happens when the power of Nature is unleashed, and Lilith reminds us of this truth. Known as the goddess of winds, she is a force to be reckoned with, but also an inexhaustible source of liberation.

Since ancient times, man has tried to tame Nature to satisfy his interests, but without success. Lilith’s wrath continues to grow in response to attempts at controlling her and now we can see the results in the form of natural disasters. As humanity, we must learn to live in harmony with the natural elements and thus avoid the negative consequences brought about by patriarchal efforts at dominating it.

Patriarchy fears what it cannot control according to astrologer Tom Jacobs.

Lilith symbolizes that part of ourselves we wish to liberate yet simultaneously scares us.

It is closely related to the planets Uranus, Mars and Eris as well as the mythological figures Medusa and Medea.

The Lunar Nodes, Pathway to Transformation for Women

The Lunar Nodes, to which astrological tradition has associated the need to leave behind tribe and customs, also seem to indicate that we should preserve this identity.

During this hidden encounter between Lilith, the Moon and the Nodes, deeply buried emotions have emerged from the darkness of our souls to remind us that every day is an emotional adventure, whether recognized or not.

These energies can manifest themselves in the form of painful menstruation, an emotional imbalance that exhausts us and inexplicable sadness and illness. Our stomach, the place where we digest what we eat, is here where often unprocessed emotions are affected. If you felt this way last weekend share your experience in this space to nourish feminine wisdom.

With information from Spanish Astrologer Cristina Laird