Archangels, divine messengers who guide you to a life full of peace and purpose. These luminous beings offer you unconditional love, healing, and protection. Do you want answers to your deepest concerns? Connect with angelic energy and experience miraculous transformations in your life.

Archangel Michael

Miguel Arcangel / Archangel Michael

The archangel Michael is the commander of the heavenly armies. It was he who expelled Satan and his rebellious angels and who will fight with the Dragon mentioned in the Apocalypse. His main function is to protect us from demonic forces and evil spirits and among the gifts, we can ask him for are courage and willpower.


Zodiacal Horoscope of the Archangels

Horóscopo de los Arcángeles

Some of the Archangels have long been linked with astrology and astrological symbols have been associated with them to help humans better understand the spiritual influence they have on our lives. They relate to each of the twelve signs of the zodiac, each related to certain qualities, gifts, characteristics and abilities.