Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael,

Jehovah’s Witnesses

They believe that the Archangel Michael and Jesus are both the same being, so they think that Jesus is not eternal but was created. They thus posit that “Michael” is another name for Jesus in heaven, in his pre-human existence (before he came into the world) and after he was resurrected.

Archangel Michael in The Metaphysics

  • Archangel Michael is the Archangel of the First Blue Ray.
  • His Divine complement is the Lady “Faith”.
  • Activities: Faith in God. Defender of the Spiritual Light within the hearts of humanity.

Archangel Michael is the First Angel of Heaven, who upholds and defends the Manifest Universe within his “Ring Pass Not” so that darkness does not intrude upon it. “It is the Realization of the Power of God.”

He energizes his First Ray Defender Power into a Flaming Sword of Blue Light which is his Electronic Pattern.

Upon arriving on Earth, he established his focus in the Rocky Mountains on the lake called: Lake Louise in Banff, Calgary, capital of the state of Alberta, Canada (Etheric Retreat).

His Temple had a beautiful dome of bejeweled light and at its zenith shone an effigy of the Archangel with his F1amigera Sword. Currently, this Temple is ascended in the same area.

Other sites of the Archangel Michael

  • Le Mont Saint-Michel, France
  • The Blue Grotto, Italy
  • Castle or Castel Sant’ Angelo, in Rome, Italy.
  • Monte Sant’ Angelo, in the region of Apulia, Province of Foggia, Italy.

The Adventist Church

Adventists also believe that Michael and Jesus Christ are both the same beings and that “Michael” is just another name for the Son of God. The great difference between them and Jehovah’s Witnesses is that they affirm that Jesus-Michael was never created because he is eternal, pre-existent, parallel to the Father and one with him.

Nevertheless, at the beginning of the movement, some of its pioneers said that Jesus-Miguel had been created, an example of this is Urias Smith when he said that Christ-Miguel was the first created being, going back to his existence long before any other being or created thing.

But in the long run, the criterion of Christ-Miguel as uncreated ended up being imposed, while the contrary was considered unbiblical by the majority of members of the Adventist Church.


They believe that Michael protected Israel during its exodus in the desert and that he was also one of the three angels who announced the birth of Isaac.

His importance is such that in the Talmud his relationship with the other angels is seen as analogous to the relationship between the High Priest and the people of Israel, before whom he is thought to have served as an intermediary when he was Moses’ immediate interlocutor on Mount Sinai.

Nowadays he is invoked as the protector of the synagogues and his importance is so great that, in the liturgy of Yom Kippur, it is concluded saying: Michael, prince of mercy, prays for Israel.

In the rabbinical tradition, he is called Prince of the Nations and it is said of him that he is “one of the Chief Princes. Certain interpretations have placed him as the teacher of Moses during the Exodus and as the one who protected the Israelites from the Egyptian army when they crossed the Red Sea.

Advocate of Israel

It is thus believed that he exercises the function of “Advocate of Israel” (which agrees with the title of “Advocate of the Jews” given to him by the Kabbalah) in front of Samael (Satan).

It is also believed that it was he who announced to Lot the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and, according to Rabbi Eliezer ben Jacob, it was Michael who saved Abraham from the furnace into which Nimrod had thrown him.

Jewish apocryphal literature has granted him great relevance. Thus, in the famous Book of Enoch, he is named several times as the Great Captain and it is said of him that he is very patient and merciful and that he is the angel who is in charge of the best part of Humanity the Jewish people.

Archangel Michael in Islam

The Qur’an calls him “Mī jā ‘ī l” or “Mijal” and says of him that he was one of the three angels who announced to Abraham the birth of Isaac and Jacob. Although only two archangels (Michael and Gabriel) are named in the Qur’an.

Islam recognizes four main archangels (Mijal, Izrail, Israfil and Yibril) and places Michael among these four, giving him the role of warrior angel defender of the faith and in charge of the blessings department.

Because he was with Gabriel one of the two angels who brought the clay for Adam (this is figurative), he is said to be second only to Gabriel and to dwell in the seventh heaven.