Pachamama and the Evolution of Consciousness

Pachamama and the Evolution of Consciousness,

Today in the center of the town, a show was held that attracted crowds. The neighbors, friends and family of the protagonist of this story invited him to attend, although he had no interest in participating.

Public execution in the center of town: A man is forced to witness an inhumane and barbaric act

However, his attendance was mandatory, as refusing to go could lead to serious accusations. The atmosphere in the main square was bustling with food and clothing being sold and the exalted people shouting their products.

What this man didn’t know was that the spectacle he was about to witness would be an inhumane and barbaric act: the execution of two people.

Despite his objections, his wife and young children accompany him. The festive atmosphere becomes chilling when the drums begin to sound and the authorities bring a man and a woman accused of having heretical books to the square.

The man tries to keep his children away from the horror that lies ahead but it is difficult to prevent them from seeing how the crowd begins to scream with excitement when the first head rolls on the floor. What’s more surprising is that most people seemed to enjoy the show, applauding enthusiastically when the second head is cut off.

Finally, the man manages to get his family out of the place but he can’t help but feel outraged and horrified at the behavior of the crowd. It was a different Sunday, without a doubt but one that this protagonist would rather forget.

The Impact of the violent past on Mother Earth

Reflections on the emotional and energetic burden left by historical events and their effect on current consciousness

This fact which causes us horror and indignation when we read it, was something common just 500 years ago. Even in France in 1977, the guillotine was used as a method of execution.

In history, executions, gladiators, animal shows and protracted wars were common, as was the extermination of entire villages.

There is no ancient culture that is free from barbarism with the exception perhaps of the Hopi tribe. Everywhere in the world you look at it, war, death and destruction were a common part of human behavior by default.

In the past, rape was not considered an evil act but rather a reality of war, or even in the domestic sphere. Historians estimate that after the occupation of Germany by the Soviets, there were more than 1.4 million rapes in the following weeks.

The emotional burden of the violent and painful events that have occurred in the past does not disappear over time but is stored on Earth, according to the opinion of some sensitives.

Wars such as the Punic Wars, the Peloponnesian Wars, the Hundred Years’ War, the First and Second World Wars and the thousands of fights and battles over the past 25,000 years have left a lasting mark on our planet. Even the German occupation by the Soviets resulted in the rape of 1.4 million women in the following weeks.

This negative energy accumulates in Mother Earth, also known as Pachamama, and can be perceived by the sensitives who walk through the countryside and detect the pain and despair pervaded in the areas where these events occurred.

It is interesting to reflect on the change in consciousness of humanity over time and how this affects Mother Earth. As living beings that inhabit this planet, we are in constant interaction with it and our actions have a direct impact on its state and balance.

The Truth About Earth and Human Evolution: Myths, Realities and the Importance of Caring for Our Planet

It is true that there is currently a greater social rejection of violence and war and this may be an indication that human consciousness is evolving toward greater understanding and empathy toward other living beings and our natural environment.

However, much remains to be done in terms of the protection of the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources. We must be aware that we are another part of nature and act accordingly, taking care of and respecting the planet on which we live.

It is curious to mention that the idea of a “Wobble of the Earth” is a conspiracy theory with no scientific basis. However, it is true that many ancient cultures had a deep connection with the Earth and observed changes in their environment and in the cosmos.

As for the Photon Belt, it is true that a high-energy region exists in the universe but its impact on Earth and on humanity is the subject of scientific debate and there is no conclusive evidence to support its influence on human evolution.

In any case, humanity has evolved in its understanding of the world and its relationship with nature and there is a growing awareness of the importance of caring for our planet and raising our energy vibration to create a more sustainable and peaceful future.

There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that the Earth is in a process of healing to increase its vibration or that its vibration is accelerating or that supports idea that volcanoes are related to the release of malignant energies stored on Earth.

Volcanoes are a natural manifestation of the Earth’s geological process and are related to tectonic activity and the release of internal energy from the Earth. It’s important to base our beliefs on solid evidence and not on unfounded speculation or popular myths.

The Balance Between Astrology and Science: Reflections on the Future and Human Evolution

There is a great energy movement in the universe and the position of the planets can influence our life and the behavior of the Earth. However, we must bear in mind that astrology is not an exact science and its forecasts cannot be considered absolute truths.

It is important to remember that solar flares are a natural phenomenon and that, while they can affect technology and communications, they do not pose a direct threat to life on Earth.

We must reflect on the future and the possibilities it holds for us but it is also important to remember that change and evolution are processes that require time and effort. We cannot expect that from one day to the next humanity will change completely and all negative energies will disappear.

It is a constant work, individual and collective, in which each of us has an important role to play.

Everyone is different and although some may have sensitive or intuitive abilities, we should not rule out the importance of science and research in understanding our world and making informed decisions.

In short, the future is always uncertain but what we can do is work in the present to build a more just, sustainable and conscious society.