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Rituals for Halloween night 5

Ritual to awaken the spirits and ask them to help us in our lives.

Since the beginning of Halloween, people have lit candles and bonfires to guide the spirits’ path through the night and to let their loved ones in the afterlife know where to find them so they can tend to them.

This can be used to conjure a spell that will allow the good spirits to direct us in the future. We will do this by lighting a white candle at one o’clock in the morning and placing it in the window so that the moonlight will illuminate it.

Afterward, we will say once again:

“On this special night, I entrust myself to the spirits, asking them to guide me and assure me of a sweet and fruitful future.”

We will let it burn and, the next day, we will put what is left in a small box, put a ribbon on it and bury it in a garden, a park, or a forest.

You can also scatter red or green apples in odd numbers on the windowsills of some windows and in various places in the house.

Put branches of laurel, which represents victory and understanding, rosemary, which improves physical and mental health, or garlic, which keeps envy and jealousy away.

The Greeks and Romans claimed to be able to heal, give oracles, watch over flowers and wild animals, protect fields and flocks and grant the gift of prophecy during October and even more so during the previous week.

For this purpose, they placed nuts in the corners of the houses. In addition, if dried fruits are left in stores, they will increase income and luck in gambling.

Rituals for Halloween night 6

Love spells for Halloween

One of the simplest spells consists of writing the name of the person we want on a piece of paper and placing it under the pillow we will use to sleep that night. We hug the pillow tightly while saying the name of the desired person out loud several times as if it were the target individual.

Another option is to cut an apple in half, a traditional Halloween food that is appropriate for those with or without a partner.

If you want to strengthen or improve your relationship with your partner, each of you should eat half of the apple while considering how much you want that to happen.

After dividing the apple, if you do not yet have a partner, clearly consider what you want the person you long for to be like. If you already know that person, think about them, the memories you have of them and what you want to do with them.

Then, consume the whole apple while fervently wishing that the other person will reciprocate your love.

Red candle of love

It represents sexual passion. Since Tuesday is Mars day and red represents Mars (strength, virility, potency and sexuality), it can be done on Halloween. Use the candle with seven coins around it.

The candle should be lit for 15 to 20 minutes while reflecting on the loved one, then extinguish it with your fingers or with a candle snuffer. We can eroticize the person we love with the help of the red candle.

Rituals for Halloween night 7

Regular cleaning at home

For this, you need charcoal, rue, garlic peels, rosemary and bay leaves.

The charcoal is heated red hot, which can be obtained in a cooking pot and placed in a small cauldron or other clay vessels.

We will then add each ingredient one at a time, starting with the bay leaf (for spiritual health), rosemary (for physical, mental and emotional well-being) and garlic peels (to ward off envy and jealousy) (to create a victory for our commands).

We will use this smoke to move around the house and request the help of the forces of nature to clean it for us.

All harmful influences that disturb the peace and harmony of the home will be eliminated by it.

Let us not forget that Halloween, also known as Samhain Sabbat, marks the beginning of the Celtic year, the day of the goddess Hecate, the Old Goddess and the powers of the Dark Feminine Principle.

On this day of the dead, white flowers and a small lamp or candle may be used to pay homage to the ancestors. They claim that by doing this, you help them to find the light…

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