Rue tea benefits

Rue tea benefits,

Every August 1st, people start looking for the male rue plant in herbalist shops and specialized houses to prepare the famous rue tea to be drunk on the first day of August, which, according to popular belief, extends one more year of life.

Drinking Rue Tea on August 1st – Honoring the Pachamama (Mother Earth)

The rue tea should be ingested, on an empty stomach, on the first day of August, because this month is marked by diseases and the increase of people who die to combat these possible damages.

It should be taken one cup of infusion per person, to keep all these evils away from the body and in this way, people extend one more year of life. It is also used to attract good omens to life, avoid sadness and protect from evil spirits.

The rue

Rue tea benefits,

The rue is a very well-known plant, characterized by a very penetrating smell and to which popular belief attributes magical and therapeutic properties…

One of the first ones is to ward off bad luck, so it is common to see it in gardens or planted in pots; it is also used as an amulet and a small piece of it is carried in the pocket, supporting the belief that it repels evil spirits.

The medicinal plant called rue

The rue plant or scientifically called “Ruta Graveolens” is native to the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe, although it now grows all over the world due to its leaves, aroma and in some cases its medicinal properties.

Benefits of rue

One of the properties of rue is its sedative action, which makes rue tea highly used to combat anxiety, insomnia and stress.

Additionally, rue has anti-spasmodic properties that together with its sedative action help in digestive disorders and stomach pains such as colic.

Preparation of rue tea

  • To prepare rue tea you should use only rue leaves and never use more than a dozen leaves per liter of water.
  • Boil the water with the leaves and then let it steep for five to ten minutes before straining it.
  • The maximum amount suggested is two cups a day to obtain its benefits, without being toxic.

Why August 1st?

The reason for August 1, is because this day is honored to the Pachamama (Mother Earth), as the nourisher of the fertility of the fields and the good harvest.

Resabio of the Inca mythology and transferred to the communities of northwestern Argentina and also marks the time when winter begins to recede in search of spring.

Believing or not, drinking rue tea depends on each person and family tradition.

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