States most witchcraft and spells enthusiasts in the USA

States most witchcraft and spells enthusiasts in the USA,

An intriguing survey has identified the states where Americans use occult practices such as witchcraft, spells and quartz the most.

Which American states are the fondest of spells and witchcraft?

According to an interesting study, Wyoming has the highest concentration of devotees of love and beauty spells, while the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island have the highest concentration of Americans who practice witchcraft.

The run-up to Halloween, which will be celebrated on October 31, is the ideal time to be more mystical and approach the dark arts, but for many Americans, it seems Halloween is a year-round celebration.

Psychic Source’s research into the whereabouts of those interested in the dark arts who use the Internet to pique their curiosity employed English search phrases. Among them:

“What is a witch”
“What defines an astrologer near me.”
“How to cast a spell”
“List of spells”
“White magic”
“Mystical readings” and….
“How to cast a spell”

Massachusetts was the witchiest state

The analysis concluded that Massachusetts was the most witchy state overall, based on the magnitude of its list of witch-hunting phrases. It was no surprise to the researchers because that state is home to Salem, the town where the 17th-century witch trials were held.

10 U.S. states where witchcraft is most popular

  1. Massachusetts
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Rhode Island
  4. Connecticut
  5. New Jersey
  6. Delaware
  7. New York
  8. Florida
  9. Georgia
  10. Nevada

American states that use spells most often

The states that use rituals the most, especially for love, beauty and money, which were the most searched terms, are another intriguing finding of the study.

Leading states with the most interest in this category were Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, Delaware and North Dakota. As the state with the highest number of people searching for money spells, Nevada-the state where Las Vegas is located-deserves special consideration.

States that prefer quartz

Although everyone has their preferences, crystals – as these highly prized jewels are also known for channeling spiritual energy – are favored in some states.

In Oregon, Hawaii, Utah, Nevada and Washington, for example, amethyst is the most popular type of quartz, while red jasper is prized in Maryland, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia.

While white quartz is popular in states such as Nevada, Hawaii, California, Arizona and Florida, obsidian is prized by people in Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii and Massachusetts.

The focus of the study was to collect Google AdWords search phrase volume data over the previous 12 months.

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