Why is a Bird Poop Considered Good Luck?

Why is a Bird Poop Considered Good Luck?, InfoMistico.com

The world is full of superstitions, some stranger than others. Among them, one that is especially surprising: that a pigeon dropping landing on you is considered good luck. This article explores the origins of this belief, linking it to a historical event of the Catholic Church.

The Pope, the Pigeon and Providence: How Can Excrement Be Considered Good Luck?

Although the idea of receiving a shower of avian excrement might provoke disgust in many, this ancient practice has been interpreted by some as a harbinger of prosperity and fortune.

The explanation for this peculiar association could have its origin in an unexpected story that dates back to the beginnings of Christianity, in the 3rd century.

The Papacy of Fabian: The Humble Farmer Chosen by a Pigeon

The year was 236 and the Catholic Church was immersed in conflict. Pope Anterus, a martyr at the hands of Emperor Maximinus Thrax, who had fervently resumed the persecution of Christians, had passed away, leaving a power vacuum.

The Christian community gathered, trying to find a successor to their leadership. Amidst the heat of this debate, an unexpected figure emerged: Fabian, a humble farmer who had returned from his fieldwork. Drawn by the crowd, Fabian approached to observe the commotion.

At that instant, a pigeon emerged, apparently from nowhere and deposited its droppings precisely on him.

In the crowd engaged in the papal election, the fact that Fabian, a mere bystander, received the pigeon’s ‘gift’ was considered an extraordinary phenomenon.

This incident surprised those present, who quickly interpreted it as a divine sign, an intervention of the Holy Spirit.

Fabian and the Disguised Blessing: Is ‘Pigeon Poop’ a Harbinger of Good Luck?

It was understood that the pigeon, often considered a symbol of peace and the Holy Spirit in Christian tradition, had selected Fabian. Despite being a layman, he was immediately ordained as a priest, bishop and finally, Pope. Thus, it was assumed that the ‘pigeon poop’ was, indeed, a blessing in disguise.

The selection of Fabian, along with that of Peter, is considered the only “divine” intervention in papal history.

This narrative may have sown the seeds of the association of luck with the uncomfortable ‘rain’ from pigeons. And so, an event that many might consider unfortunate was transformed into a symbol of fortune and blessing.

Perhaps the next time a pigeon decides to leave you a ‘gift’, instead of frowning, you might remember the ancient story of Fabian and consider it as a sign of good luck. After all, in the strange and wonderful world of superstitions, who can truly decipher the mysteries of fortune?