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New Moon in Taurus

Luna Nueva en Tauro / New Moon in Taurus

Discover the influence of the New Moon in Taurus 2023 and how to take advantage of its renewing and stabilizing energies. This powerful moon phase offers an opportunity to reconnect with inner calm and establish solid foundations for personal growth. Learn how to strengthen your Solar Plexus Chakra and manifest your intentions with this astrological guide.

Void Course Moon

Luna Vacía de Curso / Void Course Moon

Have you ever felt a mysterious disconnect in your life? It may be the influence of the Void Course Moon. This fascinating astrological phenomenon invites us to enter into a time of introspection and self-care. Take advantage of this heavenly pause to reflect, recharge your energies and discover new perspectives on your path.

Jupiter in Taurus

Júpiter en Tauro / Jupiter in Taurus

It is impacted by the most anticipated astrological event of the year: Jupiter’s entry into Taurus something that hadn’t happened since June 2011. Do you remember back then and everything that happened in your life? Get ready for another round of significant changes as Jupiter drives new energy into our lives.

Annular Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Eclipse Lunar Anular en Escorpio / Annular Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

On May 5 at 17:24 universal time there will be an annular lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio that will have an impact on the lives of many people. This type of eclipse only occurs during the Full Moon phase and will last approximately four hours, extending its influence over the next six months.

Monthly Intuitive Astrology Forecast

Mayo / May

Discover the most important astrological events of May 2023, including the Eclipse Portal, Mercury and Pluto retrograde, Jupiter in Taurus and the Silver Gate Portal. This transformative month calls us to introspection and personal growth while inviting us to align ourselves with abundance and trust in our transformation process.

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