Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

Libra — Morticia Addams

There is no doubt that Morticia would be Libra, the kind and quiet matriarch of the Addams family.

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

She may seem a bit aloof at first, a bit reserved, a bit too self-possessed. However, when you get to know her, she is warm, kind and loving. Spontaneous, flexible, affectionate and willing to do anything on her own.

Observant and very attentive to her children’s needs, she is also empathetic and deeply intuitive. She is not someone who likes to be the center of attention, like Libra, she prefers to have a secondary role, she prefers to be behind the scenes.

Scorpio — Wednesday

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

Wednesday is a Scorpio, dark, independent, analytical, cunning and a person who loves to unravel all kinds of complex mysteries.

Some Scorpios also have that anti-social point, she doesn’t like the common, the basic, hysterical people, people who want to draw too much attention. Complex, strategist, one of the sharpest minds around, she also has the intelligence and determination to face any challenge that comes her way.

By her admission, “I know I’m stubborn, determined and obsessive. Those are all traits of great writers and serial killers. I love them.” There’s a lot of Scorpio in her veins.

Sagittarius — Thing

He has a great spirit, is adventurous and wild, love to explore and know new things, the perfect companion and friend.

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

He is also restless, he needs to do things all the time. Also, he is the perfect researcher and always finds out about everything.

Thing is that amazing friend who will accompany you in all your adventures, who won’t say NO to anything, as a good Sagittarius, he will look after your well-being if you are his friend. But you may not always like what he does.

Capricorn — Ajax Petropolus

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

He is a Capricorn, someone shy and a little introverted. He finds it hard to look others in the eye and has confidence in others, but he doesn’t have a bad background.

Indeed, she does not need rest to be well, she is not extremely sociable and only feels at ease when she is confident. Her heart could be made of ice, but in this case, it is made of stone. Literally. So Capricorn, so much I want and I can’t when it comes to feelings.

Aquarius — Xavier Thorpe

Very creative and very charismatic, but also very much his own, very much his own.

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

Unusual, independent, intuitive and prone to solitude. Able to make art come alive, capable of putting peace in any situation. Very committed to his own, does not want to hurt others and his dreams have a lot of meaning.

Whenever he is dominated or manipulated by someone, he will cut his power. He does not want to suffer for love… But he suffers.

Pisces — Enid Sinclair

So, what sign could Enid be? Of course, Pisces. It couldn’t be any other.

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

She’s Wednesday’s roommate and friend. But she is the opposite of Wednesday. Natural, spontaneous, sensitive, with a certain loss of control, sometimes, sociable, with super intense energy and very affectionate.

She loves to try new things and has a passion for what she likes, but also has a strong inner emptiness that she always camouflages with a smile. When she is in love she is a go-getter, she can’t help but say what she feels. Enid’s world is deep. Very deep.

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