Signs affected by Solar Eclipse October 25

Signs affected by Solar Eclipse October 25,

The second eclipse season of the year gets underway with it. How to deal with its effects and in what areas it affects us. The first eclipse of this second season occurs in the 2nd degree of Scorpio on Tuesday, October 25, 2022…

Signs affected by the Solar Eclipse of October 25, 2022


  • 7:48 in Argentina
  • 5:48 in Mexico
  • Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, at 6:48 in Venezuela
  • 13:48 in Spain
  • 6:48 in New York and Miami

The largest umbra of this partial solar eclipse will be visible over parts of Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia before diminishing to Africa.

What do astrological eclipses mean?

Some astrologers think that the influence of the eclipse extends only to the area through which it casts its shadow. However, it usually influences when it comes in contact with the sensitive areas of the nation or its ruler.

Since the ruler and his rulers are represented by the Sun in astrology, solar eclipses have an impact on them.

The Latin word “eclipsis,” from which the English word “eclipse” is derived, is in turn derived from the Greek word “écleipsis,” which implies disappearance. And that is exactly what an eclipse is: the momentary disappearance, complete or partial, of a star caused by the passage of another celestial body in front of the observer’s view.

New Moon Solar Eclipse

When it occurs during the New Moon, a solar eclipse effectively transforms day into night. With the Full Moon, a lunar eclipse occurs, which makes the Moon seem to disappear from the sky.

The Luminaries are in conjunction with New Moons and are in opposition to Full Moons.

Eclipses are unique lunations that take place along the ecliptic, the apparent “path” of the Sun as it travels through the different constellations. Every year, the Sun and Moon undergo eclipses.

Most significant are solar and lunar eclipses that include the Sun and the more complete the eclipse, the more profound its effects.

What are the consequences of eclipses?

The changes caused by eclipses can create cyclones or storms due to the change in wind speed, a sudden drop in temperature, or earthquakes due to readjustments in the tectonic plates that are the result of gravitational shifts.

People experience changes in mood, temperament and imbalance as a result of the eclipse. Therefore, it is not good to make important decisions such as marriage, divorce, or the purchase of real estate or a vehicle during eclipses.

Ideally, decisions should be postponed until the influence of the planets diminishes.

According to the law of analogy and correspondence, which is the basis of astrology, “As above so below, so below so above to maintain the wonder of Unity.”

From this point of view, a certain celestial event (macrocosm) corresponds to another terrestrial event that has the same qualities and the same meaning (microcosm).

Since the Sun and the Moon represent conscious and unconscious factors, respectively, when they become opaque or obscured during an eclipse, tension is created that incites mobilization in each scenario.

The crises in question may have to do with reordering, reorganizing, or experiencing concerns that demand greater focus and effort.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

To make predictions about eclipses, ancient astrologers used to take into account the elements symbolized by the ruling planet of the sign in which the eclipse occurred, as well as the central theme of the sign.

Scorpio is a fixed and water sign symbolizing major changes and transitions. Scorpio is linked to annihilation, transformation, trash and elimination.

It has an emotional tendency due to its Water sign and because it is Fixed, it also brings traits such as consistency, steadiness and stability.

His instinctive, passionate, extreme, irrational, combative and intense temperament is the result of having Mars, the traditional ruler and Pluto, the modern ruler.

Nothing is expressed superficially with a Scorpio. It is linked to research, inquiry and psychotherapy because it enjoys puzzles and can be used to explore the psychic and experience inner transformation.

It is linked to a variety of things in the world, including oil, espionage, drains, wells, volcanoes and caverns, as well as anger and retaliation, all of which could manifest during this time.

The effects of the eclipse on each sign

This eclipse has the particularity of coinciding with Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, which is also in Scorpio, your sign of exile.

A planet in exile and an eclipse can be detrimental and this time-lapse may indicate a greater likelihood of communication breakdown in marriage…