Argentina and Lionel Messi’s victory

Argentina and Lionel Messi’s victory,

Since I am against Qatar hosting the World Cup, it has taken me a while to decide whether or not to write about this topic. However, it is hard to ignore Messi’s birth chart and soccer’s ability to bring people together…

Argentina’s Triumph and Lionel Messi’s Birth Chart

Especially at a time when we all seem to be divided into two opposing camps. This event has been an extraordinary and fascinating display of unity for a country like Argentina that politically suffers from the disease of identifying so strongly with one or the other politician.

Female asteroids

Taking advantage of the fact that in my classes, workshops and meetings we have been focusing on the female asteroids, especially the centaurs, this is a good opportunity to observe how they provoke specific events in our lives…

And, more importantly, how they add an enriching “fine-tuning” to the experience revealed by the transits of the traditional planets.

The challenge and duty of astrological research for the newly initiated, in my opinion, are the centaurs, the new dwarf planets and the asteroids.

We have been studying the traditional planets for centuries because they never seem to stop invigorating our minds and spirits and emitting symbols that do nothing but enrich and give meaning to our lives.

Birth Chart of Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini

For my students and those who are interested in seeing a little more of what the media shows, I share this chart of Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini’s birth chart.

Argentina and Lionel Messi’s victory,

First, it is important to keep in mind the mathematics behind these cycles.

The fact that Argentina has not won the World Cup in 36 years translates into three complete Jupiter cycles (since Jupiter was also in Pisces during that time, as it is now) and two complete Lunar Node cycles, if we count the last time in 1986, the year before Lionel Messi was born.

In this case, we can see Jupiter in the last throes of Pisces forming a trine with progressed Venus in the 0º degree of Leo, ruler of the 10th house and in turn in opposition to the Moon in progression in the 9th house which seems to indicate to us that this has occurred abroad, considering the place of birth.

Yesterday, Sunday (December 18, 2022), the transiting Moon has just passed through the Midheaven.

The transiting Lunar Nodes are in exact alignment with Pallas, precisely the asteroid that tells us about the professional area and especially in the 10th house.


The asteroid Pholus reminds us that something has to explode, that we have to uncover a pot to become aware of our ancestral baggage, forming exact squares by transit to the natal nodal position, activating at the same time the natal T-square of Neptune to the nodal angle that on the personal level, would move situations little known to the public.

Nevertheless, it describes the situation of public opinion regarding the values that have been questioned in this world cup, about the corruption of Fifa in awarding this world cup to Qatar, which surely the players have been facing.

In transit, the Sun activates Ceres, the “great mother”, the “tribe” and the “homeland” in the 11th house, which speaks of our group activities, in this case, a group of 11 people playing soccer.

All this considering that Messi wins this award while representing his native country abroad with a group of compatriots (9th house).


The centaur Nessus, the representative of deception, betrayal and transformation, was originally placed in the 8th house of the chart, reminding us of Messi’s tax problems.

Now that Nessus is in the 2nd house, I assume it refers to the taxes Messi will have to pay on his worldly earnings and the fact that this time he won’t make the same mistakes, as he recently formed an opposition with his natal position.


Mars, which continues to retrograde through Gemini, has been going through its planets in the 5th house, including the Moon, Venus, Vesta and Chiron.

These planets are in strong opposition to the 11th house planets, which no doubt describes Messi’s struggle to remain among the other 11 players when it is so obvious that he stands out and shines.

Because of the presence of the other 10, Messi would never have been able to win the World Cup, despite what the media claims.

The profound significance of that natal opposition is beyond the scope of this article because it does not apply, but Mars has triggered the circumstance that he is the only member of the Argentine team to receive honors.


Messi’s peak as a soccer player, which, apart from being his obvious passion, is also his job, what he does constantly and, more importantly, the development of his technique, can be described by Mercury’s opposition by transit to his natal position in the 6th house.

This transit occurs three times a year, throughout Messi’s life.


Transiting Pluto forms an exact square to his Midheaven/Bottom of the Sky meridian from his 12th house, which describes the unifying effect this victory has on Argentines nationally and internationally, as well as his sense of professional achievement at this time in his life.

The Pluto transit is also approaching the Ascendant, which means it will signify the transformation his life is about to undergo, including possibly his retirement as a player when it finally occurs.


Last but not least, the transit of Neptune in trine to Mars in Messi’s natal 6th house indicates that his professional and career dreams may come true.

Well deserved, I would say, as this kind of achievement can only be attributed to the individual effort and undivided attention he has undeniably shown.

If we talk about the source of motivation that Lionel Messi provides to millions of people, we can say that he serves as a constant reminder that hard work, humility and repetition are necessary elements to succeed in life.

He had to wait to receive this recognition, which came at the time of his third return to Jupiter.

With information from Cristina Laird for Archetypal Astrology

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