Mercury moves in front of Neptune

Mercury moves in front of Neptune,

Some three weeks into retrograde motion, Mercury began its direct motion on October 2. Now it is progressing again through the zodiac, landing in one of its houses, the sign of Virgo.

Warning: Mercury advances Neptune

Pluto, which has been moving retrograde for several months, will do the same in a week.

On October 8, Pluto will go direct during its passage through Capricorn. But let’s talk about Mercury first.

Mercury’s energy

While Mercury energy focused on the inner workings of our thoughts during its retrograde phase and now that it is in its direct motion, it is advantageous to externalize our mental workings and bring them into the realm of the tangible.

For practical work, it is advantageous because it is in the zodiac sign of Virgo. This allows us to improve our capacity for discernment, our ability to make wise decisions and our ability to block negative thoughts.

Mercury planet of communication

You should take this aspect with great care. However, at the time of Mercury’s direct motion, Neptune, which opposes it from Pisces, is exerting a strong influence on it.

The positive side is that Neptune opposing Mercury can favor collaborations complementary to our goals because Neptune is in the same house as Mercury, which is Pisces. This means that Neptune can enhance Mercury’s drive towards service, analysis and work.

Nevertheless, Neptune’s influence on Mercury can also have negative repercussions if we are not careful. Examples of these negative influences include vices or illicit circumstances, scams and relationships filled with misunderstandings and uncertainty.

Concentration, observation and analysis

Now it is more important than ever to strengthen our capacity for concentration, observation and analysis. Avoid being distracted or confused by naiveté, as now is a good time to carefully consider the decisions we will make and the people with whom we will associate.

The major impact that Pluto will have when it likewise moves direct on October 8, a week after Mercury, will join all these forces that will be externalized with Mercury in its direct motion opposing Neptune.


Powerful transformative energies are what Pluto moves; during its retrograde phase, it is comparable to a volcano that contains its energy and erupts as it moves forward.

Furthermore, Pluto, which will also advance and be in a harmonious aspect (trine) with Mercury from Capricorn, will provide all those mental processes that Mercury conceived and that can now be externalized with a transformative thrust, resulting in the transformative energies flowing positively even though they are strong and alarming.

This is the time to make decisions that will lead us down new paths and to let go of everything that has already completed its cycle and has now become heavy and could hinder our progress. Now is the time to be reborn.

With information from the Zodiacal Thermometer