Pain Biodescodification

Pain Biodescodification,

General grief is a secret feeling of guilt. Grief is the punishment that guilt seeks to impose. Opposition to what is. More pain is the result of resistance. A change is necessary.

Pain according to Biodescodification — Emotional Conflicts

The accumulation of gases causes suffering. Clinging to positions and ideas. Fear. Not elaborated concepts. In front of guilt, it is usual that pain is a form of self-punishment. Sporadically, it is related to the desire for attention, fear, or anger.


Emotional or mental discomfort.

Guilt can manifest itself in any form of pain. With punishment, guilt is always sought and with guilt, pain is always sought. When guilt is chronic, it causes chronic pain and is often buried so deeply that we are not even aware of it.

The emotion of guilt is of no use because it never improves anyone’s mood or positively influences a situation. Because your “sentence” has already been served, you are free to go. Simply letting go is what forgiveness is all about.


Possible solutions are the development of sensitivity and connection with reality.

Physical blockage of pain

Acute pain is pain that comes on suddenly and without warning in any part of the body.

Emotional blocking of pain

When we recognize our guilt, human beings insist on punishing ourselves, in the same way that the legal system forces those who are found guilty to pay a fine or serve a prison sentence. This happens subconsciously.

People punish themselves by inflicting pain. This component has long been used as a form of discipline. It implies that the person experiencing it has declared himself guilty of something, without first determining whether he is.

Each person can identify which part of the body is responsible for the affected function to determine where he or she feels guilty.

Mental block of pain

This mental block is because, if you are one of those people who accuse and admit wrongdoing quickly, you will undoubtedly think that by punishing yourself you will feel less guilty.

However, this doesn’t solve anything, because you have to start all over again every time you feel guilty. Chances are that if you take a moment to examine your guilt, the pain you experience will begin to disappear.

Normally, people who accuse themselves easily are rarely guilty. This indicates that you have intentionally hurt or intended to hurt another person or yourself. If you feel guilty, even if you are not, it is time to examine your beliefs and value system.

Your inner GOD does not speak to your heart, but a little voice in your head does. This little voice is a reflection of another voice – often that of your parents – that you heard and chose to believe. You can avoid this unhelpful feeling by changing the way you think about guilt.

PS: Whether we agree with what Bio says or not, the wise thing to do would be to accept responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.

You don’t need to stop traditional care if you have health problems because this is not an exact science. Instead, you can add holistic approaches as a complement.

Take charge of your life!

With information from Monsalud Luque

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