Interpreting Candle Flames

Interpreting Candle Flames,

To begin this technique, we must first turn off all the lights in the room to use the various candles we have there to provide indirect lighting while we concentrate on the divinatory candle.

Candles have a unique language

It is therefore practical to pay special attention to the multiple evolutions of the flame, in this case studying the movements of the flame, or the so-called “dance”, its sizes, or the increase and decrease and the so-called near effects, in this case, the sparks, the color emanations or the different tonalities.

You can then unwrap yourself and express your query or make your request – always keeping in mind that it must be specific – to get the most accurate answer possible.

This code is broken down into sounds, the dance of the candle or the spiral of its smoke, the flame, the smoke and the melting wax. In addition, we can interpret our queries by answering “yes” or “no”.

The most accurate way is the latter, which requires marking the right and left sides of the candle with “yes” and “no”, respectively. The answer is “no” if the first drip of wax goes to the left.

Interpretation of the candle flame for spells or incantations

The place you have chosen is ideal to hold your ritual once you light the candle and see that the flame is steady and serene.

The magic works quickly and effectively if the flame is high and powerful. On the other hand, if you are having trouble lighting the candle, other forces are interfering with your efforts and trying to prevent you from achieving your goals.

During the casting of a spell or incantation, if the flame is dim and seems to be on the verge of going out, some impediments will prevent the situation from unfolding as you had hoped.

There are certain spirits present when the candle flickers or the flame is blue. A candle burning with bluish light is a very auspicious sign, as it denotes the presence of fairies and angels. A blue flame is a constant sign that divine energy is working for you.

If the candle burns quickly, your wish will be granted quickly and the area it is in is also very clean. A problem you will have to solve in the future is indicated by the layers of wax that remain around the candle after the wick is extinguished.

The flame of the candle is non-existent or very weak

The candle being slow to light indicates that the ethereal being we are trying to communicate with may be having trouble anchoring in our dimension.

This typically happens as a result of the astral plane surrounding this being becoming contaminated with parasites, larvae, or even evil creatures (low astral).

Some candles appear to be defective; these are the candles whose flames are weak or extremely weak to the point that they appear to suddenly go out.

The intensity of the candle may represent instability around it, potential losses, problems of all kinds, or lack of preparation for that goal.

In addition, it may be a sign of fragility and lack of vigor of the querent. In these circumstances, it is advisable to “charge” the candle by giving it some energy with the hands to make it more powerful.

However, as the candle will be a complete indicator of you, your home and your environment, this approach does not always work.

In these situations, it is advisable to cleanse your home physically and energetically, as well as yourself (with herbal baths), before repeating the ritual or lighting the candle for the request or issue in question.

A small flame that tries to rise but, quickly returns to its original low position means that you are still not sure what you want.

This can also happen when you are thinking about several things at once and are not in the present moment, which highlights the importance of asking the candle a specific question.

Always keep an eye on the candle flame

Always keep an eye on the candle flame when performing ceremonies.

We must remember that we are working with energies and that candles are a vehicle for the expression of these energies, so it is crucial that we pay close attention to the candle flames in our rituals or even on the altar itself.

If we observe that the flame “jumps”, flickers or dances, this indicates that the situation being worked on is ideal. Whatever we do, some things always provoke tension and feelings. You will have to determine if at this time it is good or negative for you.

When two candles are lit

Each represents a male or female figure.

One person will always be more powerful in the relationship than the other if the flame of one candle is brighter and stronger than the other.

If there is no doubt about a relationship, then this individual has better psychic ability and will prevail over the other if witchcraft is involved.

If two flames in the same candle jump continuously during the burning time of the candle and are unstable, then the two people are deeply in love. But whether it is anger, hatred or desire must be determined by intuition.

Keep in mind that you are dealing with energies; rationality has no place in this situation.

The flame will signal the presence of energetic interference if it flares up or produces noise. If the flame goes out suddenly and seemingly without cause, it may be a sign of impending danger or serious trouble. If this happens, replace it with another and start over.

The answer to your question will come, but it will take a long time and it will be difficult for the candle that “cries” a lot.

If a candle suddenly goes out and does not “want to relight”, it symbolizes that there are people who support you during the most difficult time in your life, but you will have to handle the rest of the problem on your own. The creature will help you with the most complicated aspect of the request, but you are responsible for the rest.

The flame will lean to the right if the estimate of the future is optimistic. If it leans to the left, there may be issues from the past that could obstruct the present and the future.

The flame implies certain success if it shines brightly and is stationary and elevated.

Spiral Flame

Your prayers will be answered by your angel or by any celestial person you invoke. If you have a question, the answer will be categorically affirmative and you will succeed without encountering any obstacles.

Loud or unexpected noises cause chaos. However, a low “chirp” indicates that pure energy is present in the vicinity, so the situation you ask about will be safe.

If the illumination is occasionally accompanied by strange noises that sometimes sound like a whisper or whispered dialogue, there may be a threat from someone in the situation you are inquiring about.

A candle flame goes out and rekindles unexpectedly

It implies that some guardians or spirits are trying to keep the candle burning because something – good or bad – is coming your way and they want to keep you safe in any case. Keep in mind that your spirit guides always have your best interests in mind.

Here is a brief explanation of the meaning of each color about certain requests: It will unleash the elemental forces of salamanders if the candle is lit with matches.

You can establish a mental connection with the sacred creature you are conversing with if you light it with a lighter (maybe an angel).

Strange behavior of candles

It will be appropriate to put incense, open the windows and then close them if the candle is in a glass container and it quickly turns black due to the soot from the candle. This indicates that someone is thinking negatively about you.

However, if the soot accumulates on the bottom of the candle, the results you expect in a particular area of your life may take longer to manifest and you will have to repeat the ritual.

The drops of wax that fly off are called “gifts”. This implies that destiny has prepared a gift for you.

The etheric being that travels with you, the flame that glows in the air, will put a person in your path so that your wish will come true. Before your wish comes true, you may experience some kind of disappointment.

Layers of wax that continue to build up after the wick is extinguished are a sign of a potential problem.

It’s time to abandon your plans if the candle goes out. Despite the seriousness of the situation, you should not lose your composure. Think about your desire or question and reflect on your goals and motivations.

When the candle releases smoke and moves in your direction, the spell will work quickly. If not, you will have to work hard to realize your dream.

An attempt by light entities (such as angels, ancestors, etc.) to get your attention is indicated by a flame making hissing and other noises. In such a situation, pay close attention to your dreams, the signs around you, your intuition and your feelings.

If the flame of a protection candle crackles, it indicates that someone you know has negative intentions for you.

When a candle blows up, it can imply one of three things

If it is trying to work on someone, it indicates that they are under strong protection or that the candle is defending them from harm. And finally, if all the candles you hypothetically light explode, this is a sign of witchcraft with powerful magic. At this time, be cautious.

It is advised that you stop lighting candles at this point for a while. Simply commit to keeping your house clean, safeguarding it and safeguarding yourself.

Never blow out a candle, even if you need to. The ether can dilute the essence of the neighboring divine being.

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