Taurus Blood Moon Eclipse

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The Blood Moon Eclipse of November 8 is a magical occasion. This Blood Moon Eclipse, which occurs in Taurus, is accompanied by waves of transformative energy that can help us progress on our soul’s journey and reach higher states of consciousness.

Taurus Blood Moon Eclipse 2022

There was a Blood Moon Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio that occurred earlier in May 2022. Do you remember any life changes or significant events that occurred at that time?

You may well notice overlapping themes and patterns between this November Blood Moon Eclipse and that May Eclipse, or something else from history may become evident. The same things will not necessarily happen again, but you may find that you are going through a similar set of lessons.

Surely these lessons have a strong connection to your soul path and karma. Eclipses can be likened to accelerators that move us forward on our spiritual journey. Thus, eclipses often herald predestined or transformative events.

Always difficult, transformation often involves the grueling process of shedding layers, shedding skin and giving birth to the new. Each of these steps involves challenges and magic, but during a Blood Moon Eclipse, the intensity can increase.

Blood Moon Eclipse

Being a total eclipse, a Blood Moon eclipse is the most powerful type we can witness. The otherwise bright Full Moon takes on a blood-red hue as it is completely covered by the Earth’s shadow, giving rise to the name Blood Moon.

The darkness caused by the Full Moon eclipse can affect our energy fields and our pineal glands and also act as an activator of our shadows, bringing to the surface things that need to be cleaned.

Although there are many superstitions surrounding this cosmic event, we should not fear it despite the Blood Moon’s eerie appearance, which has given it the reputation of being evil.

Even though it is intense and our shadows rise, it is a normal cycle of nature and a vital component of Mother Earth’s rhythm. In many ways, seeing a blood moon can serve as a precious reminder of the wonder and beauty that surrounds us each day.

We may feel disconnected, unbalanced, or a bit angrier than usual when there is a Blood Moon in the sky because of its intensity and transformative energy. Self-care techniques, grounding exercises and adequate sleep should be practiced.

Staying hydrated

It is especially important during blood moon eclipses because they can have a purifying effect on our body, mind and soul as we let go of all that no longer serves.

The planet Uranus, which represents awakening and overcoming limits, is very active during this November eclipse. We must break the bonds that have kept us limited and free ourselves from any confinements we have imposed on ourselves.

Where do you long for more freedom? What chains do you want to break? What are you trying to escape from? The energy of the Blood Moon Eclipse may very well lend you a hand.

This eclipse may bring shocking news or inspire an action or decision that surprises those around you because Uranus can also bring awakening and surprise. Unexpected paths are emerging, so this eclipse will present the opportunity to veer off the path if it feels right to do so.

It’s important to keep in mind that, although it may not feel like it right away, eclipses always place us where we need to be for our greatest growth. As difficult as it may seem, have a little trust and faith in what manifests.

Venus, the planet of love

It will be active during this eclipse and although we may find ourselves focused on our romantic life and relationships, Venus also rules our values and feelings of self-worth.

What matters to you and do you think you deserve what you want? You may have access to this line of inquiry thanks to this eclipse.

Realize the real you. Don’t be afraid to be open and honest in a conversation about your core values and where you stand on related issues.

A great time to set intentions is during the November Blood Moon Eclipse to let go of small-minded self-limiting beliefs. Eliminate any beliefs that make you feel unworthy or inadequate and offer them to the Full Moon for release.

On the other hand, you may find that aspects of your life that you no longer value or have been pretending to value are leaving. If this happens, accept your pain while realizing that you have the opportunity to fill the new space with things that are more in line with your goals.

Saturn, the planet of karma

It is also energetically active during this eclipse. Saturn’s influence can certainly make us feel heavy and bring to light anything from the past that needs to be dealt with.

Especially if we are holding on to the past or past events or stories, we may experience increased feelings of overwhelm, irritability, or frustration.

Should any of this overwhelm you, you may want to write a letter outlining all of your past grievances. All of it should be written, reflected upon and then burned as a sign of release.

When you are ready, start a new story or write a new letter outlining how you want the next chapter to unfold.

This eclipse can manifest in a variety of ways, but at its core, we are being asked to let go to transform and make space for what we truly value.

The next Blood Moon Eclipse will not occur until 2025, just be grateful for this exceptional celestial event. When you find yourself on the other side of its energy, know that you are facing a new stage in your soul’s evolution. Honor yourself for moving through the work.

With information from Tanaaz – Intuitive Astrology