Mercury Retrograde Medal

Mercury Retrograde Medal,

Mercury creates a six-pointed arc or semicircle during its retrograde phases, which astrologically causes communication problems. The Mercury Retrograde Medal, commonly known as the 12-pointed Star, should be worn upon completion of the star’s translation circuit.

Mercury Retrograde Medal — The 12-Pointed Star

The astrological planet Mercury has a significant impact on the energy of the Earth. It brings its power to bear on the human person to manifest with clarity of thought, inventiveness in his or her undertakings, a wealth of knowledge and loquacity in expressing himself or herself to others.

The youngest son of Zeus is the origin of the name of the planet Mercury.

He is revered as the god of business and communication. As Mercury had an inventive, creative and relational personality, he served as a celestial messenger and guide for the deceased in the afterlife. As such, Mercury is considered to rule all things related to communication.

Social relationships

Mercury is the planet linked to interpersonal interactions such as conversing, learning, negotiating, buying, selling, traveling, making plans, buying cars and real estate, as well as signing documents and reaching agreements.

All these traits lead to initiatives being developed openly and progressively; discussions being simple and clear; contract signings being orderly and profitable; the current business climate is one of progress, abundance and academic success.

Its benevolent presence diminishes disputes, misunderstandings and negative comments. However, when this planet is retrograde, it shows the opposite of the god’s strength. Mercury has a shorter orbit than Earth because it is closer to the Sun.

Confusion, delay and frustration are significantly correlated with Mercury retrograde. It is believed to be the ideal time to reflect on the past because these are days for self-reflection, for accepting what is and letting go of what is not.

Mercury Retrograde Medal

Mercury Retrograde Medal,

Mercury creates a six-pointed arc or semicircle during its retrograde phases, which astrologically causes communication problems.

Therefore, it is important to wear the “Mercury Retrograde Medal”, also known as the “12-pointed Star”, an amulet that completes the circle of the star’s translation.

It is a very powerful protector that experts advise using to combat the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde.

The amulet is one of the most complete, as it attracts abundance, promotes spiritual well-being, attracts love and promotes health. Wearing it during these times helps to have excellent communication and ensures that your business is not affected.

It will allow you to establish a connection with your deeper spirituality so that you can freely express your true thoughts, standing firm in the face of outside pressure.

The most valuable thing to keep in mind during Mercury retrograde is to be patient and let things happen naturally. It is a good time for prayer and meditation.

“12-pointed Star”

The “12-pointed Star”, worn as an amulet or pendant around the neck, on a bracelet, on key rings, or simply in the wallet, helps us to re-establish contact with our “spiritual self”, allowing us to be aware of our goals and maintain our integrity in the face of external pressures.

It is the best cure for any informational or communicative deficiency. It serves as a form of self-defense to prevent our energy from being contaminated by the negative energy of others.

It can be useful to put it behind the door of your home or office, on your altar, in a portrait holder, on your desk, in your car, etc. You should remember to carry it with you every day during the indicated periods to maintain calm, tranquility and clarity of thought.

Mercury Retrograde Medal,

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