Awakening in the era of megachanger

Awakening in the era of megachanger,

Waking up in this time of mega-change is unlike any other time. We need new tools and updated perspectives to navigate these times. Understand the challenges we face and learn some benefits of being alive right now in this era.

Awakening in the Era of Megachange – Benefits of Being Alive Now


No previous generation could have prepared us to be here now. The level of energetic transformation and the challenges are unprecedented.

Humanity is being forced to look in the mirror and see the interconnected threads of dysfunction throughout global society. It is not pretty. What we see will not dissolve on its own. It is the world, it is us. There is no separation. This is our collective manifestation culminating now.

Our collective disharmony and disunity have come out of the shadows for us to remedy. Our paths of enlightenment are influenced daily by how we respond to help ourselves and others.

Each of us is challenged to take the middle path of reason, as loved ones and people all over the planet are acting out their anger and fear.

Awakening – The Spiritual Path

The spiritual awakening is an inner journey in which you become present to both yourself and your true divine nature. This does not occur in a single lifetime but over a series of lifetimes and varied experiences that help you develop enlightened qualities such as compassion.

Rapid awakening can occur when you actively engage with others and witness the actions of people all over the world. All these people are your mirror, helping you to see yourself more clearly.

Knowing this, do your best to be present to the people and what is unfolding on the planet, rather than looking away and shutting out the world with your mind. here are 5 benefits of being alive now.

Instant communications

In our interconnected world of instant communications, you have the opportunity to witness love in action during tragedy and hate materializing in suffering.

Grow spiritually by witnessing these opposing energies, going within and contemplating how these universal tendencies manifest in your own life. Examples: how do you express empathy when someone is in crisis; how do you allow your anger to build a wall between you and another person?

The rhythm of spiritual awakening

A large number of people living today greatly accelerate their pace toward spiritual awakening. With acceleration comes a roller coaster of ups and downs. No one living now is exempt from this momentum or the fluctuations of ups and downs.

To be sure, it can be dizzying at times. However, the overall impact is a great blessing. After all, we are at a turning point of consciousness, a historical marker that will determine the fate of life on Earth for centuries to come.

This is the moment we have come for, to be conscious participants in the greatest shift of all time. Take it!

Healing of our ancestors

The healing of our ancestors -important to raising humanity’s consciousness- is now coming up for review and resolution. This is vital for humanity to evolve and be a shining light to civilizations elsewhere in the cosmos.

We have a diverse set of ancestors, from different races and countries around the world. These varied cultural incarnations had one purpose: for us to be “wired” to understand others who do not look like us or think like us.

I suggest that we embrace our diversity and our long history together on this planet. In doing so, we become divine change agents that unify and hold the space for a world united in love.

Life today is unpredictable and out of our control

This is because so much is changing so fast. The entire social infrastructure of our world is undergoing a mega reshuffle. And it’s all happening at once. This is the kind of crossroads that we cannot get out of, either collectively or individually.

Even though it is certainly not comfortable on most days, we should be encouraged that the light is shining so brightly on humanity’s vulnerabilities. Only if we fully see our collective challenge – and the dire consequences if we do nothing – will we have the collective will to act.

I suggest that we recommit ourselves each day to be patient and compassionate with ourselves and others and to be an example of love in action.

Self-care and spiritual practice

Perhaps at no other time has our self-care and spiritual practice played such a vital role or been so instrumental in the beneficial impact we can have on the world.

Indeed, we must stay vital and spiritually connected to do what we were born to be and do now. When we prioritize our self-care and spiritual practice, a synergy of beneficial energies supports us.

We receive creative ideas and bursts of energy, which often seem to come out of nowhere. We find that we attract helpful people and opportunities to us that we had not specifically asked for, simply because we are aligned to receive and intuitively say “yes” and take action.

This article has been adapted and translated by / Source: Selacia

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