Motherhood: Eternal Bond of the Soul

Motherhood: Eternal Bond of the Soul,

In this emotional article, we will delve into the spiritual and emotional journey that constitutes motherhood. We will reflect on the unbreakable bond between the souls of mother and child, and how through this nexus, both evolve and grow.

Crossed Paths: The Power of Maternal Love in the Odyssey of the Soul

We will delve into the importance of being aware of our purpose in life and how to embrace each experience with gratitude and love.

The piece highlights the essence of maternal guidance and support and how this relationship shapes not only the child’s life but also that of the mother. A moving ode to eternal connection and the shared journey.

Throughout an almost endless journey, in which time loses its meaning, souls wander through experiences that we cannot remember, forming pacts prior to the incarnation, so that their travels are as valuable as possible.

It is said that souls, linked by the energy of love, tend to find themselves life after life in their paths of evolution, playing roles of great importance to each other.

Echoes of the Soul: Mother and Child’s Shared Journey to Authenticity and Wholeness

On a day like today, you arrived at this existential plane through me, I don’t have the right words to express to you everything that this experience has represented, all the emotions and sensations that have dwelled in me since I knew of your presence in my womb.

You are growing at a dizzying pace, keeping that look full of innocence, desire to explore the world and above all, full of love. But I assure you that you are not growing alone, I am also evolving, because your lifespan corresponds to the period in which, through trial and error, I have forged myself as a mother.

I want you to always treasure, above anything else, that the purpose of life is none other than to achieve happiness.

On your journey, you will find everything; sad faces and happy faces but only you choose how to live, what to assume for yourself and what to let go. Make sure that your balance is always positive and live every moment, without looking forward to the future.

Don’t waste time on anything that usurps your peace of mind.

Do what makes your soul resonate and the rest will follow. Please don’t depend on anything or anyone, the creative energy lives inside you, being aware of it, you own everything.

Harvest positive thoughts and your life will be the same. What you store in your mind will become part of you, not only in thoughts but in experiences. Silence your mind from time to time and listen to your essence, from there you will clear any uncertainty you may have.

Through the Prism of Gratitude: A Mother’s Reflections on Unconditional Love and the Shared Journey

Be thankful. Those are the clearest lenses through which we can perceive life. The more thanks you give for your blessings, the more they will come to you. Giving thanks is the best way to request.

Love transcends my little one, and unites those who love each other for all eternity. I love you above all else, without conditions, no matter what you do or don’t do.

I am infinitely grateful to life for giving me the opportunity to be a mother and in particular to be yours. I appreciate and honor our agreements… those that are written in our hearts.

I’m not going to deny that it’s tempting to lock yourself in a bubble and protect yourself from everything bad, which could cause you pain, but that would be limiting you, it would be stealing experiences from you and if you chose me for this transit the best I can do is love, support and respect you.

I am not here to design your route, but I would love to accompany you.

Thank you for being a part of me, beloved son.

My life is much more splendid since you’ve been in it. Forgive my mistakes, here I continue to learn by your side but doing my best to do my best.

I would love to share countless more birthdays with you and continue to know you and fall more in love with you every day.

Congratulations! A thousand blessings to you. He loves you, your mother.

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