Christmas Wish Bag

Christmas Wish Bag,

Don’t wait any longer if you want to make specific requests to Santa Claus. Use your creativity to come up with a “goodie bag” filled with your Christmas wishes for this year.

How do you prepare your Christmas wish bags?

According to Feng Shui, the southwest and west corners of your home are blessed with success energy this Christmas. Placing your gift bag there will make your wishes come true.

Create your bag and keep it in the southwest corner of your home throughout the year if you do not have enough time to leave it alone at Christmas. So, let’s think about it! We offer you the tips in detail:

  • Being happy with your friends, family, or the person you adore the most should be your priority. A positive attitude will help you move forward.
  • Surround yourself with magazines and books that motivate you to set your goals for the coming year.
  • Use the images you select from them to fill your gift bag. They should reflect your wishes. Every detail you include in it will be imbued with a powerful energy that will help the manifestation of all your efforts.
  • Write your private, individual and sincere wish letter. Visualize success. Don’t forget to include anything. Think big.

Christmas wish bags for money

If it’s about earning money, you should explain exactly what you want in writing:

“In the year XXX, I want to earn the sum of XXXXXXXX in the following ways: monthly, yearly and per project.”

  • Use numbers that represent success and profit, such as 1, 8 and 9, to add the magic touch that Chinese culture is known for.
  • If it’s travel, you should be very specific about the destinations you want to visit, including a picture.
  • Find a nice gift box, Santa bag, or Christmas stocking to fill with your wishes. As a “container” that will hold and pull from your heart all that you desire, choose something that makes you feel good energy.

Place small mirrors should be placed at the bottom of the bag, they will have the unique ability to duplicate your wishes and add the following to your gift bag:

  • 8 coins of various denominations or from different countries.
  • Gold objects as symbols of wealth.
  • You can also place three Christmas pinecones for longevity.
  • Pictures of the places you wish to visit next year.
  • An angel to grant blessings.
  • Put a figure of a horse or other powerful or auspicious symbols.
  • A St. Nicholas for prosperity.
  • Place colored crystals to represent luxury.
  • Figures of birds to attract good news.
  • To increase the energy of transportation, place a trolley.
  • A little bell to help you find harmony in your life.
  • Heart to foster the power of love.
  • A small world or globe attracts opportunities from outside.
  • Nutcrackers can be placed to dispel the energy of envy.
  • A rattle to get rid of obstacles that stand in your way.

Mystical touch

If you want to add that mystical touch, that generates our madness:

  • A little bit of soil from your home fosters a sense of belonging to a place.
  • You can pray or do some motivational exercises.
  • To promote harmony, place 9 cinnamon sticks.
  • Finally, the most important step to take is to always think positive thoughts about yourself and your loved ones.

Do it; you will realize that it is a very pleasant moment and helps you to “ground” your true inner self for the year ahead.

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