Feng Shui

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese wisdom, harmonizes spaces to enhance well-being and prosperity. Based on energy (Chi), it balances elements and orientation, promoting positive flow and balance in homes and offices.

Spaces in your home in relation to your life

Espacios en tu hogar en relación a tu vida / Spaces in your home in relation to your life

Home and its spaces are closely linked to our inner well-being and our life in general. Through Feng Shui, we can interpret and improve these spaces to generate a positive flow of energy that positively impacts our health, personal, emotional and social development. Discover how to create and harmonize your spaces for a better quality of life.


Tai Sui for 2023

Tai Sui

The Tai Sui is a mythological figure that represents the spirit of the year. Each year, the Tai Sui moves to a different location. It brings good luck to those who respect it and bad vibes to those who defy it.


Christmas Feng-Shui Tips

Feng-Shui Navideño / Christmas Feng-Shui

The 30th and 31st are great days to purify and clean. The cleaning of our house can be done in the following way: we should spread sea salt all over our home and leave it there all night so that it absorbs the unfavorable energy of the previous year.

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