Tai Sui for 2023

Tai Sui for 2023, InfoMistico.com

According to Feng Shui tradition, the commander of the year, known as Tai Sui, changes every year and can bring you luck, health and well-being or prevent mishaps, arguments and misfortunes.

Tai Sui Year 2023 — Directions, Charms and Cures

People who use Tai Sui correctly can benefit in several ways:

  • A good way to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.
  • An effective way to get rid of fatigue.
  • Energy is full of energy and is a good way to reduce stress.

For this reason, having it on your side is essential every year. Its representation is necessary for various objects, such as Tai Sui cards, amulets, plaques and pictures for your home and workplace.

The Year of the Water Rabbit will begin on January 22, 2023 and last until February 9, 2024, according to the Chinese zodiac. The Rabbit, related to the Yin Water element, is the Chinese zodiac sign that rules the lunar year 2023.

When to pray to Tai Sui

The Tai Sui is a mythological figure that represents the spirit of the year. Each year, the Tai Sui moves to a different location. It brings good luck to those who respect it and bad vibes to those who defy it.

To respect the Tai Sui, it is recommended to avoid activities that may challenge it, such as building in its location, night activities, etc. It is also recommended to offer him offerings such as incense, fruits, flowers, etc. to honor him and ask for good luck.

Chinese astrology has a long tradition of praying to Fan Tai Sui, which is believed to help lessen the unfavorable effects of the annual celestial influence on someone’s luck and fortune. However, depending on the people and cultural environment, the timing and techniques of the prayer may vary.

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, which begins on the first day of the lunar calendar and corresponds to the start of the new year in the Chinese zodiac cycle, it is customary to pray to Fan Tai Sui.

God of the Year

This is because it is considered that praying to Fan Tai Sui can bring you protection and blessings for the coming year, as the God of the Year is said to take effect on that day.

The eighth day of the first lunar month is considered an important time to pray to Fan Tai Sui in traditional Chinese astrology.

According to the myth, the God of the Year enters the world on the eighth day and begins to influence it. On this day, Fan Tai Sui is prayed to protect you from the unfavorable effects of the yearly celestial influence and bring you good fortune and luck for the coming year.

Fan Tai Sui Ritual

To begin the Fan Tai Sui ritual, an offering to the Tai Sui must first be prepared. This offering may consist of food, incense, candles, flowers and other offering items.

After preparing the offering, a table should be placed in front of the place where the Tai Sui will be placed. The offering items should be placed on the table. After this, a prayer of respect and reverence to the Tai Sui should be recited.

This prayer can be a traditional prayer or a prayer written by the practitioner himself. After reciting the prayer, the incense and candles should be lit and the offering should be placed on the table. Then, a petition should be made to Tai Sui to ask for his protection and blessing.

Finally, the Tai Sui should be thanked for his help and a final offering should be made.

In 2023

The Feng Shui year (from February 4, 2023, to February 3, 2024) will correspond to Kua number 4.

Tai Sui will be Pi Shi in 2023 and will affect the northeast sector. In direct conflict will be the Rooster, while in indirect conflict will be the Tiger and the Rat.

One creature known in Feng Shui to calm Tai Sui is the celestial animal Pi Yao, so it is recommended to always place one at home or in the office. An amulet, a keychain, or a statuette of Pi Yao are Feng Shui remedies advisable for all zodiac signs as permanent protection.

They contain the energy needed to stimulate inner strength, motivation, fortitude and determination, allowing you to make the most of all other types of luck. It allows you to maintain a reinforced spiritual essence and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Power the good energy

Tai Sui for 2023, InfoMistico.com

Pi Yao is a representation of wealth and ensures that you have the powerful spirit of Tai Sui, also known as the God of the Year. Wear it to attract luck and make the most of all fortunate circumstances that come your way.

The keychain worn by the three heavenly guardians also serves as a representation of the Feng Shui 2023 amulet to ward off evil spirits and sorrows.

Tai Sui for 2023, InfoMistico.com

The circular shape of the shield symbolizes divine energy and whenever someone is faced with weak and earthly energy, the strongest defense is the powerful energy of heaven.

Zodiac signs that Tai Sui predicts will be most affected by 2023

Each sign of the Chinese zodiac is related to a particular direction, element and annual celestial influence. The annual celestial influence, or Fan Tai Sui, affects some signs more than others.

For example, zodiac signs that are directly at odds with the God of the Year are most affected by Fan Tai Sui.

This includes zodiac signs that are located on the Chinese zodiac wheel opposite the God of the Year, as well as those that are located in the same direction but represent a different element.

Zodiac signs that are in the position of the “Three Deaths” – that is, facing the God of the Year – are considered to be the most adversely affected by Fan Tai Sui. People born under these zodiac signs experience bad luck and difficulties as a result of the “Three Deaths”.


In the year of the Water Rabbit, Roosters will face numerous challenges. To get what they want, they will have to try hard and work twice as hard.


Tigers will suffer a tremendous and permanent loss in their family. Although recovery will take some time, they will go forward with their heads held high. Financially, things will not go well either as they will suffer a considerable loss early in the year.


During the new year, the Rat will experience new challenges, interesting activities and unforeseen circumstances. The Rat will also feel ready to take on new jobs and responsibilities in the year of the Water Rabbit.

Feng Shui Guidelines to follow in 2023 to maintain a positive relationship with Tai Sui

  • Noise from construction sites, excavations, discussions, or loud music should not interfere with the location of Tai Sui in 2023, or Northeast 3.
  • It is forbidden to face Northeast 3, even though it is one of the favorable directions for people with KUA number 4.
  • To receive the protection of Grand Duke Jupiter 2023, it is ideal to sit with your back to Northeast 4 or sleep with the top of your head facing Northeast 3 (Tai Sui).

It is crucial to underline that the Fan Tai Sui theory is based on conventional Chinese astrology and is not supported by any scientific data.

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Locations of Tai Sui and Sui Po (The year breaker) in 2023 and the affected signs