Things you can have at home, according to Feng Shui

Things you can have at home, according to Feng Shui,

To create positive energy in the environment, the ancient Chinese discipline of Feng Shui balances people’s energy through the arrangement and orientation of places. However, certain elements help energy flow more easily.

According to Feng Shui, things you can have at home

This ideology stresses the importance of including the five elements – earth, water, wood, fire and metal – in the interior design of the home.

Depending on the material, shape and color of an object, it can represent two, three, or even four different components.

A water mirror with a spherical frame is one such example (metal). To facilitate the flow of positive energy in all areas of the house, it is crucial to be careful where these artifacts are placed. Feng Shui recommends five elements for positive energy to flow through your home.

You should and should not have certain items in your home depending on whether they facilitate or obstruct the movement of energy. This time, we will talk about several items you could have at home that could help you maintain positive energy in your home.

Flowers and plants

Besides being one of the simplest and quickest ways to invigorate a place, plants and flowers are, without a doubt, the ideal tool to ignite Chi and bring positive energy to your home.

They are the ideal Feng Shui symbols for the wood element. They bring originality and the necessary impulse to launch new initiatives. There are several varieties of plants that attract luck, money, love and fortune and also absorb and expel negative energy.

As long as they are alive and well cared for since wilted plants and flowers mean death, can obstruct the flow of energy and hurt your health, plants and flowers are one of the things you cannot fail to have at home to attract good energies.

It is essential to keep them out of the bedroom because they can disturb the peace and tranquility needed to sleep.


Mirrors are another element that promotes vitality and brightness in the home.

Although it is important to take care of their placement, they represent the element of water, a symbol of purity. Avoid placing large mirrors in the bedroom or front of the entrance door, as both reflect negative energy.

Also near a door or window, at the foot of the bed, or if they are very old, shattered, or stacked with other mirrors. And especially in congested regions where they reflect them.

Images and photographs

Give a “positive symbolism” for each of them in your home to improve the flow of energy.

According to Feng Shui, you should welcome pictures, images, or sculptures that inspire tranquility and beauty, motivational quotes, photos of travel and family or friends that remind you of good times.

However, it is best to stay away from disturbing or upsetting images, as well as bitter memories, as these have an impact on the mood and general well-being of the residents.

Lamps and candles

Candles and lamps are other items you should have at home because they are made of fire and represent vitality and energy.

Also, triangular or pyramid-shaped furniture and fireplaces attract positive energy to a space.

White tones and wood floors

A proper pairing of materials and colors should be considered to create harmony.

White walls and wood floors produce a cozy, settled atmosphere in the room. Wooden floors offer solidity and comfort and belong to the Wood element because of the material and the Earth element because of the color.

White corresponds to the Metal element and expresses tranquility. Therefore, it should not be missing in your home.

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