Christmas and Solstice Rituals

Christmas and Solstice Rituals,

On December 21 we will experience the winter solstice. The birth of the main sun gods, prophets and teachers, such as Osiris, Horus, Apollo, Mithra, Dionysus and Jesus Christ, is commemorated with this universal event, which has been honored since ancient times.

Rituals for Christmas and the winter solstice

Take a bath on December 21 and use sea salt to exfoliate your skin as the Christmas spirit settles in. Imagine your body releasing the hazy areas around you as you do so. Clean the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.

Throw anything that might be clinging to your body down the shower drain after you remove it. Close your eyes and notice how your skin seems to have a glowing halo. Pour tangerine salts, honey and sunflower petals into your bathtub, if you have one.

Thank your god or spirit guide one more time as you imagine yourself surrounded by huge golden rays. Simply prepare the water with the salts, honey and petals in a glass container and pour it over yourself if you don’t have a bathtub.

Christmas Feng Shui cures to activate wealth.

Place cures like the three-legged frog to energize prosperity and success in your life. Always face the wall when you place it under the tree. To attract great abundance and lots of money to the home, tie its three legs with a red ribbon and put a large bill in its mouth.

The infinity symbol

It will bring you a lot of luck and wealth if you always place it where the flying star 8 is, which this year will be in the West. Also, add a red Chinese envelope: Put a small red card with a heart wish inside.

Place it next to the star at the top of your Christmas tree. On December 24 of the following year, close it and reopen it.

Angelic Christmas Ritual

Nativity refers to birth. So now is the ideal time for you to express your gratitude for life and experience the rebirth of Jesus through love. December 24 is a magical night. Decorate and organize your home uniquely.

Decorate the front door with red and gold ribbons as if it were a gift. This will usher in a strong energy of prosperity and light that will fill your home. Place a large Christmas tree in the center of your rooms, a fruit basket on the dining table and a beautiful nativity scene.

Use angels to activate peace and love in the family

Bake a cake and decorate it with angelic symbols on the night of December 24. Place a small Christmas angel on one of the ribbons and insert colorful ribbons into the cake. Gather the family together after midnight.

For the coming year, each member should submit a special request. Distribute the cake after Christmas dinner. Pass to the youngest person after starting with the oldest.

Any wish that the angel touches will be granted.

In your nativity scene, place this representation of love near the star of Bethlehem. Next, the family should light a candle for each member’s specific request. Choose a candle in response to your request:

  • Yellow color for money, devotion and luck.
  • Orange color for prosperity, intelligence and harmony.
  • Blue color for peace and divine protection.
  • White color for purity, tenderness and spirituality.
  • Gold or silver color for good business, abundance and light.
  • Violet color for health, transformation and balance.
  • Pink or red color for love, strength and fulfilled desires.
  • Green color for beauty, growth, births and blossoming.

Wear the color of love

Wear that color for your favorite angel if you want to be associated with him on the night of December 24:

  • Blue color for Archangel Michael
  • Green color for Archangel Raphael
  • White color for Archangel Gabriel
  • Pink color for Archangel Chamuel
  • Yellow color for the Archangel Uriel
  • Gold color for the Archangel Zadquiel
  • Silver color for the Archangel Cassiel
  • Violet color for the Archangel Anael

Before dinner, play spiritual music to attract harmony and love to your home.

With information from Alfonso Leon

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