Organic gates and star seeds

Organic gates and star seeds,

Emilio Carrillo provides a human typology for the more than 7.7 billion humans living on Earth in one of his most recent videos.

Organic doors and stellar seeds

Specifically, he states that there are seven different types of humans, of which the first four belong to the so-called “Old Humanity” and the last three to the “New Humanity”. Which category do you think you belong to? Let’s see.

The Blind

There are the blind, who live with the survival chip unconsciously and mechanically without realizing that the house is a wreck and is disintegrating. In their most basic form, they are essentially just “biological doors” that have been dumbed down and digitized.

Those who are suspicious of everything

The people who begin to notice and suspect that something is not right, but complacently choose to remain in that burning house of devastation rather than step out of their familiar comfort zone.

They are the ones who select harmless, superficial distractions to pass the time instead of adding unnecessary stress to their lives. “Specialists without spirit, enjoyers without heart,” Max Weber asserted more than a century ago in: “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” (1904).


Some see the macabre disorder and try to reform the house from the inside so that it does not fall, without realizing that it is the foundations themselves, the roots themselves, which are rotten and no reformation is worthwhile.

Putting new wine into old wineskins, in the end, is not an intelligent option in the short, medium, or long term.

Passive spectators

The rest are mere spectators who spend their time complaining or justifying their agonizing collapse, providing support for the system and keeping them trapped in the pitiful game broadcast on the idiot box and other media loudspeakers.

Those who want to be saved

On the other hand, there is another category of people who are somewhat more conscious, but still want someone to build them a new house and save their asses while they delegate to others the necessary transformation inside them: someone will come, something will happen, life will tell, etc.

Biometric algorithms, virtual metaverses, new false prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Those who do from time to time

Building the new world is not a priority in their daily lives nor most of their habits and ways of life, so they only get to work sometimes. This vibratory range of consciousness, which is inevitably widening, is where most of today’s diverse thinkers and dissenting voices reside.

Those who get down to work

Finally, among the minority of the minority, some individuals are persistently and methodically working on their way of life, building the foundation of the new house more forcefully and truthfully every day.

The true stellar seeds are more awakened fractals who silently inspire and illuminate through their words, deeds and their essential example.

Do you know any of them and into which of these categories do you think you best fit?

As an organic gateway that operates largely automatically and instinctively or rather as a Starseed that dedicates its life to itself and uses its inner environment as a testing ground for experimentation?

Energy and matter are equivalent

Energy and matter are known to be equivalent; continuous attention creates and gathers energy that eventually materializes in some form.

Your anchor point or focus of attention is continually being diverted by meaningless and mundane distractions, sensory overstimulation, mental distortion, complacency developed over time, poor education obtained, etc.

If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration, as the misunderstood genius Tesla said. The whole fucking earth would light up if all your ignorance, complacency, victimhood, fear and misunderstanding were transformed into electrical energy. Why do you resist?

Try changing the world by being the change you want to see

Also, since the time of the lukewarm is running out, it is currently a tacit consent to keep moving forward like humpbacked camels instead of taking a stand.

Selective attention comes with full and continuous concentration. You will find that, even if you have it, you are incapable of effectively serving two masters.

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