The Power of Message Change in Marketing

The Power of Message Change in Marketing,

Learn about the profound impact of small changes in marketing messages through real-life stories that transformed both brand perception and individual destinies. These narratives showcase the power of innovative marketing.

Case Study: The Impact of a Simple Message Change

Sitting on the sidewalk, a vision-impaired man had a cap at his feet and a wooden sign that, with white chalk letters, pleaded: “PLEASE HELP ME, I AM BLIND.”

A marketing innovator passing by paused and noticed just a few coins in the cap. Without seeking his approval, he took the sign, turned it over, grabbed a chalk and inscribed a new message. He placed the piece of wood back at the blind man’s feet and continued on his way.

As dusk fell, the marketer crossed paths with the blind beggar again; his cap overflowed with bills and coins. The blind man, recognizing his footsteps, asked if he was the one who transformed his message and, mainly, what it had said.

The advertising man replied:

— “Nothing that distorts the truth of your sign, just a rephrasing.”

He gave a smile and continued on his path.

The blind man never knew him, but his new sign expressed:


Let’s reinvent ourselves when something isn’t working and you’ll find that the solution might be more effective.

I wish you a Bright Day… and remember that any change can revitalize your life with each new dawn…

The real complexity lies in discovering new maneuvers to achieve different outcomes.

Einstein in his wisdom said:

“If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got”

So evident, yet often slips our memory.

The influence of well-crafted marketing messages extends beyond sales, often altering lives and shaping brand identities. Reflect on how strategic narrative changes could revitalize your marketing approach and outcomes.