The Blind One — Transform Your Message

The Blind One — Transform Your Message,

Sitting on the sidewalk, a man with no vision, a cap at his feet and a piece of wood with white chalk lettering, begged: “PLEASE HELP ME, I AM BLIND”.

The Blind One — Transform Your Message: An Innovative Approach to Success

A marketing innovator who was walking there paused and noticed a few coins in his cap. Without seeking approval, he took the sign, inverted it, grabbed a piece of chalk and made a new announcement. He returned the fragment of wood to the blind man’s feet and continued on his way.

At sunset, the creative crossed paths with the blind beggar again; his cap overflowed with banknotes and coins. The blind man, recognizing his steps, asked him if it was he who transformed his message and mainly, what he had uttered.

The advertising man replied:

— “Nothing that distorts the truth of your ad, just a reformulation”

He gave a smile and continued his journey.

The blind man never met him, but his new sign read:


Let’s reinvent ourselves when something doesn’t flow, and we’ll discover that maybe the solution can be more effective.

I wish you a bright day… and keep in mind that any change can revitalize your life at every dawn…

The real complexity lies in discovering new maneuvers to achieve different answers.

Einstein in his wisdom said:

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the results you’ve always achieved”

So palpable that it often fades from our memory.

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