Coping with Child Loss

Coping with Child Loss,

Meeting an angel might seem like a distant miracle, but for some, it represents a tangible reality of comfort and revelation. In this story, a grieving father is guided by an angel toward a vision that changes his understanding of mourning and the afterlife.

Understanding Spiritual Encounters: Personal Stories of the Afterlife

Once, in a world not so different from ours, there lived a man marked by the most unbearable pain: the loss of his son. The nights were a constant reminder of his absence and his tears flowed ceaselessly, waiting for the dawn.

However, one night, the shadows of his dream dispersed as he encountered an ethereal figure: an angel, who spoke to him in a soft yet firm voice: “It is enough.”

“I can’t accept that I’ll never see him again,” the man whispered in a choked murmur.

The angel, with an understanding look, asked him, “Do you wish to meet him again?”

With a gesture, the angel took his hand, lifting him into the air, toward the heavenly realms. “Here, you will see him soon. Just wait,” the angel instructed.

A luminous path unfolded before them and along it, young figures paraded, dressed in immaculate garments, delicate wings and holding a lit candle, representing the eternal purity of their souls.

The man, impressed, inquired, “Who are they?”

The angel, with a serene voice, responded, “They are children who have crossed to the other side recently. Each day, they join us on this journey, for their essence is pure.”

“Will I see my son among them?”

“Yes, you will see him soon.”

As hundreds of souls paraded by, the angel pointed ahead: “There he comes.”

The man’s face lit up as he recognized his son, but one detail disturbed him: his son was the only one carrying an unlit candle. The pain overwhelmed him, seeing that small difference between him and the others.

Then, the young boy saw him and with a smile, ran towards him, wrapping him in a warm embrace. With a broken voice, the man asked:

“My dear, why does your candle remain unlit? Don’t they light it like the others?”

“They do, dad, every morning. But… every time night falls, your tears extinguish mine.”

At the end of this moving story, we are left with a vision of the afterlife full of light and love. The souls of the children, pure and eternal, symbolize the innocence and hope that continues to shine, even when we face the biggest challenges of our life.