Psychic Attacks

Psychic Attacks,

Do psychic attacks happen? It seems very strange to think from our minds about the possibility that we are being used or manipulated on a higher level than we understand but on an abstract level.

Psychic attacks and how to defend yourself

It is difficult to understand, but we have more and more evidence of people behaving strangely, completely depressed, lethargic and without any apparent explanation.

We have to encourage these people and tell them that there is a solution, a way to cope with any situation of being psychically attacked.

There are other bodies besides the physical anatomy, such as the power of human thought and will (which can be directed and controlled). A psychic attack occurs when a person can gather a lot of harmful energy to direct it to another person.

Psychic attacks what they are

Psychic attacks are manipulations of energy and supernatural powers that occur when dark, negative energy vibrations are sent from one person to another to disrupt their physical and energetic bodies. They are usually sent through negative telepathy.

This negative energy can be sent by a dark thought form, entity, spirit, or negative energy.

Psychic attacks are sent primarily to harm a person or their family members; they can be projected as thoughts. They usually come from family members, friends, or acquaintances, although they can also originate from strangers.

Experience shows that the psychological trauma caused by a psychic attack comes from the victim’s family and close friends, usually because of jealousy, envy, or anger.

Recognizing Psychological Attacks

The damage of a psychological attack can affect you on a physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional level. The main symptoms of psychological attacks are:

  • Nightmares are considered very real.
  • Constant pain in the same place at the same time as constant images of the attacker. Feeling exhausted, tired, often for no apparent reason.
  • Pain or sickness in parts of the body known to the attacker.
  • Severe headaches with dizziness or vomiting and depression.
  • Often meditates on the purpose of his life.
  • Lack of concentration, feeling of being watched and seeing strange things.

While these symptoms can be psychic attacks, you must first rule out that it is not a real disease. Psychic aggression can manifest itself in many different ways and there are ways to counteract its effects to protect yourself from it.

Defending yourself from psychic attacks

The best way to protect yourself from the effects of a psychic attack is to try to be emotionally stable and strong to prevent others from identifying our fears and using them against us. Do not send similar energy to your attacker. To combat psychic attacks do the following:

  • Don’t blame all the time the inconveniences in your life on a psychic attack or the evil eye.
  • Don’t play the victim and don’t think you have any harm, because it could happen.
  • Don’t worry about people who are irrelevant to you or think they are plotting against you.
  • Eliminate the names of your enemies from your mind.
  • Clear your mind about all the bad things in your life.
  • Let go of bad thoughts, don’t try to control them.

Ways to protect yourself from psychic attacks.

  • Carry a mirror to reflect the negative energy they send you. Try to eat healthy meals that include fruits and vegetables.
  • Place a protective stone under your pillow when you go to sleep. Obsidian and tourmaline are perfect for these situations, as they are great absorbers of negative energy.
  • Clean your home frequently with incense, myrrh, or sage. Avoid watching so many negative things like dramas, negative programs, television news, soap operas, horror movies, etc.
  • Use bright colors for your clothes and decoration of your environment. Relaxing music, preferably classical.
  • Very important, take care of your cleanliness and grooming. Do not neglect yourself.
  • Imagine that you are inside a golden bubble, which protects you from evil and protects you from enemies. When you feel that you are a victim of an external psychic attack, close and neutralize the upper chakras and lower centers.
  • Chant the mantra “Alak Baba Siri Chand Di Rakh” only once a day and let it go.
  • Renounce all addictions (tobacco, alcohol, gambling, vices in general) that destroy you.
  • Learn to forgive those who have hurt you in the past. Concentrate on being calm and give yourself a few minutes to be with yourself in silence.

Although it is usually not easy to resist the psychic attack of witches, individuals, or very powerful beings, it is important to keep in mind the following: dark vibrations cannot penetrate pure auras, always try to cultivate harmony, peace and a certain detachment to be able to resist these psychic attacks.

Psychic attacks in dreams

Some people perform psychic attacks during sleeping hours because here we are more vulnerable and they usually derive in nightmares and even change our attitude or the way we see certain things.

They are usually performed by people of low vibration who want to harm you. It is important to remember that it is very difficult to reach people with high vibrations (positive, energetic, healthy, sporty, cheerful, etc.).

To protect yourself from psychic attacks in dreams, you can use a silver amulet, as it is a material that absorbs negative psychic waves. If accompanied by a psychic attack, also use a psychic weapon such as a Swiss Army knife.

A ritual to protect yourself while you sleep is to surround your bed with white chalk or salt and invoke angels (or gods) from the four cardinal points to announce that you are under attack and need protection.

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