China, an ancient civilization’s birthplace, is renowned for its rich history and cultural diversity. Home to wonders like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, it blends age-old traditions with rapid modernity. Its booming economy and varied landscapes, ranging from majestic mountains to futuristic metropolises, make China a captivating and multifaceted country.

The Cicada: A Living Symbol in China

La cigarra / the cicada

From the melody of summer to the depiction of immortality and rebirth, cicadas have played a crucial role in Chinese culture. This insect, with its surprising life cycle and its unmistakable song, has come to symbolize the very essence of life and death and has found a place of honor in Chinese literature, fashion and the arts. Join us as we explore the influence of this little being on the rich Chinese culture.

Superstitions and Popular Beliefs

Zen Philosophy

Filosofía Zen / Zen Philosophy

Zen philosophy is an ancient philosophical and spiritual tradition that originated in India and developed in China and Japan. This philosophy is based on the practice of meditation and the search for a deep and transcendent understanding of reality.


Ghost Wedding in China

Bodas con fantasmas / Ghost weddings

An ancient and obscure marriage ritual has put the authorities on alert in some parts of China It is the so-called ghost wedding, a ceremony that seeks to provide a spouse to the person who dies unmarried. But in recent times, several murders have taken place for carrying out this ritual.

Unusual News
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