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Happy Science claims it can cure COVID-19

Happy Science

Happy Science, which boasts millions of followers, is led by a man who channels Buddha (and Jesus and Freddie Mercury) and says he can defeat the coronavirus. For a fee. When New York went into lockdown last month, emissaries of a religious group called Happy Science showed up in a ghostly Times Square to deliver a peculiar end-of-day gospel.

Ghost Wedding in China

Bodas con fantasmas / Ghost weddings

An ancient and obscure marriage ritual has put the authorities on alert in some parts of China It is the so-called ghost wedding, a ceremony that seeks to provide a spouse to the person who dies unmarried. But in recent times, several murders have taken place for carrying out this ritual.

Dakota Building Urban Legends

Dakota Building

Construction of the building began in 1880 and was completed four years later. It was created by Henry Hardenberg, the architect responsible for the Plaza Hotel, and was largely financed by Edward S. Clark, the founder of Singer sewing machines.

I married a dead man

Me casa con un muerto / I marry a dead man

Similar to what allegedly happened to a California woman in 1974, on which the movie The Entity was based, a Nicaraguan singer claims to have spent eight years possessed in her bed.

Sombreron Colombian Legend

Leyenda Colombiana el Sombrerón / Colombian Legend the Sombrerón

Due to his long mythology, some people consider The Sombreron to be the oldest spook in the Antioquia region of Colombia. He is also mentioned in Mexico and Guatemala, according to the website of Alejandro Gonzalez, a researcher at the Central University of Peru.