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Titan Submarine: Another Titanic Victim?

Submarino Titán / Titan Submarine

The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 continues to be one of the most catastrophic maritime disasters in history. Nonetheless, the recent disappearance of the submarine Titan, along with the loss of its five crew members, gives rise to disconcerting questions. Is there any connection between the tragedy of the Titan and that of the Titanic?

Unusual News

Happy Science claims it can cure COVID-19

Happy Science

Happy Science, which boasts millions of followers, is led by a man who channels Buddha (and Jesus and Freddie Mercury) and says he can defeat the coronavirus. For a fee. When New York went into lockdown last month, emissaries of a religious group called Happy Science showed up in a ghostly Times Square to deliver a peculiar end-of-day gospel.

Unusual News

Ghost Wedding in China

Bodas con fantasmas / Ghost weddings

An ancient and obscure marriage ritual has put the authorities on alert in some parts of China It is the so-called ghost wedding, a ceremony that seeks to provide a spouse to the person who dies unmarried. But in recent times, several murders have taken place for carrying out this ritual.

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