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Filosofía Zen / Zen Philosophy

Zen Philosophy

Zen philosophy is an ancient philosophical and spiritual tradition that originated in India and developed in China and Japan. This philosophy is based on the practice of meditation and the search for a deep and transcendent understanding of reality.

naturaleza divina del hombre / divine nature of man

The Divine Nature of Man

The soul, that sliver of divinity nestled within each of us, has been a subject of study and reverence for millennia. Through sacred scriptures and guidance from spiritual leaders, we endeavor to fathom our genuine nature.

Superación Personal / Self Improvement

Self-Improvement: Myth or Valuable Tool?

Personal growth, a subject so fervently debated and often misunderstood. Amidst a deluge of books touting groundbreaking secrets and magical transformations, it’s easy to get lost. Yet, beyond the haze of promises and mantras, lie universal truths and invaluable lessons.

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