Meaning of Human Life: Insights and Reflections

Meaning of Human Life: Insights and Reflections,

Since ancient times, humanity has tried to discover the meaning of human life. Through profound philosophical reflections and various religious doctrines, we have sought to understand our true identity. We will explore how introspection and the connection between the individual and the universe can reveal the essence of our existence.

The Meaning of Human Life — The Journey of the Soul: Connection and Liberation

We have delved into deep philosophical reflections, developed psychological treatises, and followed various religious doctrines, all with one purpose: to discover the meaning of human life.

Interestingly, in our quest for answers, we have made a fundamental mistake: we have searched the vast exterior world around us, neglecting the immense universe within us. But what happens when we venture to look inward?

Throughout history, those brave enough to explore their inner selves have emerged as beacons for humanity. They have been wise men, saints, and great spiritual teachers who have transformed entire generations.

Ramana Maharshi, a revered Indian saint, with his simple yet powerful question “Who am I?”, has prompted thousands to introspect. On the other hand, Jesus Christ proclaimed that “the kingdom of God is already within you.” This kingdom is none other than the Soul, the essence of our true identity.

If we visualize human life as a deep ocean, each individual is a unique wave in that ocean. Although the waves may appear distinct on the surface, they are all essentially part of the same body of water.

This understanding of the connection between the individual and the universe defines our true divine nature.

The Journey of the Soul: From Divine Recognition to Eternal Liberation

Surprisingly, while this understanding is not foreign to Western traditions, it is in Eastern disciplines where we find a more detailed study of the soul’s journey.

The timeless teachings of realized sages have been passed down through generations, finding their place in sacred texts like the Vedas and the Upanishads.

The presence of the Soul within each of us is not just a goal to achieve, but also a guide. This divine spark illuminates us, provides us with love, and fills us with joy. The opportunity to understand this divinity is not exclusive.

It is not limited by social status, education, gender, or age. God makes no distinctions; we are all equal in His eyes. We all have the right and the potential to merge with the divine. Finally, we must emphasize a fundamental message shared by these sages through the ages: We should not fear liberation.

Contrary to what many might think, achieving a state of liberation does not mean the end, but the beginning of immutable happiness. By understanding that we are much more than our physical bodies or the limited personalities we often identify with, we realize our true greatness. We are not simply a passing wave; we are the ocean itself.

This article was made possible thanks to the outstanding contribution of the author, Jairo Macías Arteaga, for El Diario Ecuador.