This ancient discipline beckons you to question, analyze, and ponder the great mysteries of existence, ethics, knowledge, and reality. From Socratic dialogues to contemporary theories, philosophy is an intellectual odyssey that awakens the mind, enriches the soul, and revolutionizes your worldview.

Ichigo Ichie meaning

Ichigo Ichie

A Japanese proverb meaning “one moment, one encounter” or “what is happening now will never happen again” is called Ichigo Ichie. It alludes to the notion that every encounter and every moment should be fully appreciated and valued because they are special and unique.


Rediscovering The Secret

the secret of Byron Katie

In the quest for well-being, The Secret promised a path to happiness and success. Yet, after years of practice, many are facing the reality of mixed results, raising doubts about its effectiveness and sparking a dialogue on the true nature of happiness.

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