Clean up dirt that can’t be seen

Clean up dirt that can’t be seen,

We are all inhabitants of a glowing and intricate universe where each person each place and each object radiates a vibrational essence that can be positive, negative or neutral.

Tips for maintaining energy balance in a vibrational world

In an almost imperceptible way, these vibrations affect and shape us, affecting our mood and our perception of reality.

Negative energy has the capacity to stick to us and impair our vitality. Like a hidden parasite, it feeds on the positivity that resided in us and instead leaves a void that causes discomfort and sadness.

Our body and psyche, in an act of self-preservation, try to counteract this invasion but sometimes when the harmful energy is very intense or persistent, our defenses can be overwhelmed.

The exact origin of these disturbing energies is elusive.

However, our mind and our aura, that energy field that surrounds us, act as antennas that capture signals that cannot be seen with the naked eye but can be felt. Between all beings, whether animate or inanimate, a flow of energy exchange is established.

This interconnection alerts us to any disturbance that threatens our balance.

The connection between subtle energies and our emotional health

Some people have a special ability to perceive and describe these disturbing sensations. They talk about places with dense or unpleasant vibrations in an environment full of distorting energies.

However, these energies, although perceptible by our consciousness and emotions are not usually detectable through our physical senses.

Negative energies, although invisible to our eyes are powerful and leave a tangible trace. They detach themselves from the darkness of stormy thoughts, from words full of resentment and pain and from the anguish of beings who lived or inhabit a place. In the same way, they can emanate from external influences, from people or entities that affect the environment from afar.

The essence of these esoteric and spiritual concepts is to understand that we are more than just physical bodies; we are energetic entities immersed in a vibrating fabric of relationships and exchanges.

We are not isolated but connected to everything that surrounds us. Aware of this, we have the power to influence and be influenced, to heal and be cured and ultimately, to choose the type of energy that we want to cultivate and share in our environment.

Within every human being, there is a wheel of incessant energy, a living system that continuously exchanges its vital essence with the cosmos, the Earth and its environment.

We are essentially a network of resonances and vibrations, a symphony of frequencies in constant communication with the great concert of the universe.

Creative Visualization: A Powerful Tool for Energy Balance

The ancient wisdom of Feng Shui offers us valuable tools to refine that symphony and keep it in harmony.

Like an orchestra conductor, he seeks to coordinate the energy flow of our environment, ensuring that it is balanced and fluid so that our lives are enriched and benefited by these favorable energies.

Just as it is necessary to regularly dispose of the physical waste that accumulates in our home, it is essential to clean our house energy.

Tensions, suffering and negative thoughts create a type of spiritual garbage that can unbalance our physical, mental and emotional health. In addition, this energy waste can come from external sources influenced by other people or entities.

Protection against negative energy influences does not depend only on amulets or magical rituals. There is a simple but incredibly effective strategy that is within everyone’s reach: visualization.

Visualization of the protection cone: a tool for repelling negative energies

Imagine yourself surrounded by a protective field, a luminous shield that protects you from any aggression of negative energy. Visualize this field in the shape of a cone with its vertex pointing towards the sky and you, safe and serene, in its center.

As this field rotates counterclockwise any energy that tries to infiltrate is forcefully repelled. The faster you can visualize this turn, the more energy you’ll be infusing into your protective field strengthening it to withstand any attack or pernicious influence.

The speed of this spin symbolizes the activation of your psychic strength. The faster you are, the more powerful your shield becomes and the more effectively you can expel any negative energy that has accumulated in your energy field.

This journey towards energy balance and esoteric protection invites us to recognize the power of our consciousness and the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship with the environment.

It encourages us to play our role as co-creators of our reality, reminding us that we are much more than merely passive observers of life. Thus, we become masters of our own existence capable of influencing our well-being and contributing to the global balance of energy in our world.