Debts of Love Biodecoding

Debts of Love Biodecoding,

Heart debts are abstract commitments that arise from an emotional imbalance; between what we give what we obtain and what we have in terms of love. These debts, invisible to the eye, are no less accurate since they manifest themselves through our actions and emotions.

The Commitments of Love and Their Biodecoding: A Dance of Conflicting Emotions

Emotional debt cannot be quantified with numbers and scales since our feelings and emotions evade any attempt at measurement. However, they are situations that our heart interprets and feels with profound intensity.

How does this interpretation feel?

Reflect, if you want, on a child who has gone unnoticed, ignored not just for a day but throughout his existence. This scenario could arise from the constant absence of parents or perhaps from an unrecognized debt where the older brother was favored simply by chance in the birth order.

This luckiest brother gets more attention and financial support and taking just one example, he may be the only one who has had the opportunity to get an education and pursue a professional career.

For this reason, the brother who has been left behind is trapped in a feeling of unresolved emotional debt as if something priceless had been stolen from him.

The Debts of the Heart: a reflection of Deficiencies and Rejections

The debts of the heart originate from what we don’t receive from our parents, rejection and invisibility before their eyes.

Because of these wounds, consciously or unconsciously, we vibrate, attracting situations and people that reinforce that emotional absence.

We become prone to relationships with people who, like a magnet reflect and share our wounds allowing the debts of our childhood to turn into conflicts during our adult lives.

There comes a point where, unconsciously we seek to balance ourselves through emotional escapes trying to fill that void left by the absence of parental love.

At the bottom of an emotional debt, we find ourselves helpless, emotionally malnourished and facing an existential vacuum.

The Abyss of Existence

Automatically, our mind suggests filling that existential abyss with material objects, compulsive purchases and compensations linked to our previous experiences, attracting poverty in multiple aspects of our lives.

If our parents refused us clothes, we will compensate for that episode by purchasing too much clothing. If we were deprived of the opportunity to study, we will strive to learn relentlessly in our adult lives.

Undoubtedly, an emotional vacuum condemns a person to carry debts from the heart that we compulsively try to pay off. As long as these debts are not resolved, no measure will be sufficient to fill that gap since we only offer temporary and palliative solutions.

Over time, these compensations are transformed into monetary debts since no amount of money can fill the existential vacuum caused by the lack of love.

Biodecoding invites us to reflect on these emotional debts allowing us to understand that our internal wounds cannot be cured with material objects or compulsive actions.

Instead, we need to address these deficiencies and rejections in a conscious way healing our emotions and seeking inner balance.

By facing our heartfelt debts, not only do we release the emotional burden, but we also create opportunities to establish healthier and more enriching relationships in our lives.

By recognizing and working on our wounds, we take a step forward toward healing and emotional well-being. Only in this way can we fill that existential void with genuine love and understanding allowing us to live a full and abundant life in all aspects.