Cesarean Section Biodescodification

Cesarean Section Biodescodification, InfoMistico.com

In a cesarean section, the baby acts to be born and we take it out because there is no other option. This gives people who start an action in their life and stop it after a while. Just as we must always look for him in his mother’s womb.

Cesarean Section according to Biodescodification — Emotional conflicts

  • Conflict: impotence, incapacity, difficulty in life, work, or school… They live work as anguish.
  • Resentment: “I feel impotent in front of life”. “I feel unable to run my affairs and make my own decisions”.

Childbirth (mother)

  • Conflict: conflicting family environment regarding the man of the house. I don’t want to give birth.
  • Resentment: the mother: “I don’t want to bring my child into this world”. The child: “Going out is dangerous”.
  • Biological sense: a cesarean delivery indicates that a natural (biological) birth is not possible because there is a risk. A cesarean section is biologically a “no childbirth” because, without medical intervention, both mother and child would probably die.

The conflict between the man

The mother does not want to give birth because she believes that bringing a child into this world is a dangerous thing. A person born by cesarean section may experience very difficult conflicts in life, at work and school.

  • “I feel powerless in the face of life.”
  • “I feel unable to carry my things and make my own decisions.”

People who start things in life and don’t finish them.

  • “I shouldn’t be here.”
  • “I need help to move forward, to finish this.”

People born by cesarean section

The people born by cesarean section lack contact, affection, love… They lack that last stretch, the birth canal, to feel the mother’s touch and feel protected… A soft touch, a caress… Touch helps to heal wounds and imperfections.

This article has been adapted and translated by InfoMistico.com / By Monsalud Luque