Biodecoding: Disease as a Pathway to Emotional Awareness

Biodecoding: Disease as a Pathway to Emotional Awareness,

Biodecoding is based on the comprehensive interaction between our thoughts, emotions and the biological response of the brain. This approach provides us with key tools to better understand the events in our lives and the underlying dynamics that generate them.

Disease as a Bridge Between Past and Present

Often, diseases serve as a bridge between past experiences and our current state. Old conflicts, like ghosts from the past, emerge in the present through physical symptoms.

Reevaluating our perception of disease is the first step towards healing. By transforming disease into an agent of awareness, we release past limitations and dramas, minimizing their influence on our present and opening ourselves to the realization of our future desires.

Revelations of Consciousness Through Disease

Disease reveals imbalances caused by deep emotional conflicts. These conflicts are often triggered by a dramatic event—a phrase, a gesture, an image—that sparks an emotional reaction. The nature and intensity of this emotion are directly reflected in our biology.

Therefore, disease is not random; it represents a precise and perfectly adapted response of the brain to these conflicts.

The impact of a traumatic event is immediate and often devastating like an arrow hitting its target without warning. Although others may be aware of the event, they rarely understand how we have experienced it internally.

If we do not find effective solutions to a conflict, the brain will activate a biological program predetermined, where the severity and location of the disease will reflect the intensity and nature of the emotional experience.

Emotional Interpretation of Diseases

Each disease communicates which emotional aspect needs to be healed. For example:

  • Separation: manifests in the skin, which connects us with the outside world.
  • Contamination: affects the digestive system, related to assimilation and purification.
  • Resentment: impacts the gallbladder.
  • Devaluation: affects the bones.
  • Disgust: manifests in the colon.
  • Loss: can influence reproductive organs such as the ovaries or testicles.

Each type of disease offers a clue about the underlying emotion that must be addressed to facilitate true and holistic healing. Emotional healing and the psychosomatic approach are crucial in this process of biological decoding, which seeks not only to treat symptoms but also to resolve deep emotional causes.

The Unexpressed: Emotional and Physical Traces

Unexpressed emotions do not simply vanish; they imprint themselves on the body, often manifesting as diseases. Consider the example of a young wife in conflict with her in-laws, a conflict neither understood nor supported by her husband. Years later, although she continues to talk about her experience, the wound remains unresolved and merely talking about it does not alleviate her pain.

The key lies not in the external event itself, but in how the individual has experienced it, both consciously and unconsciously. This emotional experience is what ultimately manifests as disease, reflecting unresolved feelings of helplessness, submission or attack.

Understanding the story is not enough; it is crucial to recognize and confront the hidden meaning behind lived experiences to facilitate healing.

The therapeutic process should then focus on uncovering how the individual has truly experienced the conflictive events of their life. Healing is achieved only by accessing and processing this underlying information, fully accepting what these experiences have represented.

Deep Understanding as a Sensory Experience

Understanding does not always mean being able to explain rationally. Often, understanding comes as an intuitive feeling. The brain manages the healing process without our needing to intervene consciously. Embracing this healing should be an act of pure acceptance, free of judgment, as a child would do.

Biodecoding aims not only to identify the trigger of the disease but also to understand the underlying programming that predisposes it. Effective therapy reveals the direct relationship between our experiences and our biological reactions, allowing us to alter our destiny by becoming aware of the unconscious programs that govern us.

Record of Experiences from Birth

From our birth, all our experiences are recorded in the brain’s memory, which constantly compares current situations with those already stored. Without full recognition of these past experiences that generated stress, we will continue reliving the original conflicts at the root of our current problems, as is often seen in cases of allergies.

Identifying and resolving these past experiences is essential to trigger a true and lasting healing process, focusing not only on symptoms but on deep emotional causes. This holistic and psychosomatic approach is fundamental in alternative therapy and holistic healing, providing a path to comprehensive and profound healing.

Impact of Biodecoding from the Womb and Family Memories

During gestation, everything the parents experience—thoughts, words and stress—is absorbed by the baby, integrating it as part of their own emotional and biological development. The psychological conflicts of the parents become biological conflicts for the child, who, without being aware of it, carries these conflicts with them as emotional baggage on their journey through life.

There are no culprits or victims in this process; only the laws of biology dictate how the feelings and conflicts of the parents manifest in their children.

Family Memories: Echoes of the Past in the Present

Traumas and unresolved conflicts of our ancestors are not only transmitted through stories or genetic traits but are reflected in family memories. These dramas of the past continue to affect present generations, influencing their lives in often unknown ways.

To heal, it is crucial to discover and understand the meaning of these recurring patterns in our lives. Becoming aware of them allows us to deprogram these ancient scripts and open ourselves to the possibility of releasing the heavy burdens we have carried for so long.

Although we do not choose the circumstances of our birth or the family histories we inherit, we do have the freedom to face them and transform our response to them.

Biodecoding invites us to examine and resolve these deep emotional conflicts, offering a path toward deeper, more conscious healing. Through this holistic approach, we can address not only the physical manifestations of illness but also the emotional and psychological ones, facilitating comprehensive and lasting well-being.

Information from the School of Bioemotional Integration and Personal Growth